NVIDIA launches Windows 8 app developer program

NVIDIA launches Windows 8 developer platform

We’re at Build 2011 and have just been introduced to Windows 8 and one of the exciting things about it is that this touch-friendly platform will run on the ARM chipset. To help capitalize on this, NVIDIA has launched a Windows 8 developer program to help developer bring great apps to Windows 8 devices.

What really excites us is that the Windows 8 platform will be compatible with NVIDIA’s upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor, which could bring some serious horsepower to tablets that run Microsoft’s operating system. The developer program will help developers specifically tailor their programs and Metro-style apps for this platform.

“With its elegant user interface and support for tablets and notebooks using ARM-based processors, Windows 8 will bring a seismic shift to the industry,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the PC Business Unit at NVIDIA, in a prepared statement. “Our expertise in both ARM and x86 environments, and our intimate familiarity with the Windows code base, makes us uniquely qualified to support Windows 8 developers.”

If you want to register for the NVIDIA Windows 8 developer program, you can go here to sign up. Are you excited about the potential of a quad-core Windows 8 tablet?


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