HTC Rhyme for Verizon Wireless hands on

The HTC Rhyme was announced this morning and it looks like a great mid-range phone for fashion-conscious users. And though it boasts mid-range specs – Qualcomm 1GHz processor, 800 x 480 touchscreen display, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, 5MP rear and VGA front cameras, HTC Sense 3.5, 3.7-inch display – it will run the average cost of most smartphones these days: $199.99 with a new, two-year contract including the dock, charm and headset accessories.

The HTC Rhyme is very thin and lightweight in the hand, and it’s also very purple based on the unit we saw. It’s hard to imagine too many men wanting to carry this thing around. On the upside, it’s a nice alternative for those who want a capable and modern Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset whose screen isn’t a beast. At 3.7 inches diagonally, which was huge just a few years ago, it now feels smaller and more manageable, especially when compared to devices that have 4.3 and 4.5-inch displays.

The new version of HTC Sense, 3.5, is also a nice and modest upgrade. The look and feel is a little different, but the functionality is very much the same. You can swipe through seven customizable home screens, and pinch them to jump directly from one to another without having to swipe through several of them. The camera software and hardware has received a few tweaks for better low-light performance, in-app editing and direct uploads to Facebook.

Overall, when considering the accessories included, the HTC Rhyme is a great smartphone for just about everyone who doesn’t mind having a more wildly colored smartphone. It will be available September 29 at 2,300 Verizon Wireless retail stores and 1,400 Target stores nationwide. Check out our hands on gallery below!

  • This looks like a nice addition to the HTC and Verizon line up. I do think though if they wanted this device to be a better seller, should had made it in black, so that men would like it as well. I don’t know if a man will want to carry around a purple phone.  This would be great for someone who wants a smartphone and a smaller screen and moderate price point.  I love HTC products and can see this being a winner for the women.

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