Gmail brings multiple sign-in and settings to mobile

Gmail is bringing a few productivity features to the mobile web app. Multiple sign-in for Google services was a highly requested feature on the web, and earlier this year Google finally added support for it.

Now, the company thinks it’s time to take that functionality to our mobile devices. At the bottom of the web app, you can tap the e-mail address you’re logged in to and bring up a menu to switch between accounts, sign into a new one, or sign out of all of them.

In addition to multiple sign-in support, you can now edit some of your settings from Gmail on your phone. There’s a new settings icon in the menu bar. Tapping on it brings you to a small settings page where you have a couple of options.

First, you can choose to override your existing e-mail signature with a mobile-specific signature. It can’t be formatted using rich text, but it’s perfect for showing off the fact that you have a smartphone and proudly use it to send e-mails. Underneath that, there is an option to enable the vacation auto-responder. If so, choose the start and end dates, subject, and message and you’re good to go – literally.

The Gmail team has shown they care about mobile users who want to stay productive and have helpfully made¬†numerous updates to the mobile site to prove it. Then again, there are some things about the mobile experience that aren’t so helpful. Still, the more features from the desktop added to mobile, the more we can get done.

If you have mobile Gmail bookmarked on your phone, be sure to update the bookmark since Google changed URLs to accommodate multiple accounts. And best of all, there’s no approval process on the web so these new features are available at this very moment.

[via Gmail blog]

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