Intel AppUp Elements and after party photo tour

Photo tour of Intel AppUp Elements

I’m here in Bellevue, Wa. to see what Intel has to say at its AppUp Elements conference and we’ve seen the transformation of MeeGo into Tizen and Intel has said that it has sucked at gaining consumer traction with AppUp.

It’s fair to say that AppUp hasn’t been as successful as Intel would have liked at this point but the steps it is taking to develop and foster a developer community will definitely prepare it for a more successful future. I’m not convinced at all that Tizen is going to be the right platform for Intel to push in the mobile space but now that Android will be optimized for Intel chips, I’d be interested to see what it can do on that platform.

It’s been a nice conference and the party last night was also pretty neat. There was a no-holds barred questions and answers sessions where angry developers hit Intel with tough questions and for the most part, Intel answered in a transparent way. There were also people on stilts, old timey games with a modern twist, good food and some acrobats.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

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