BlackBerry Messenger for Android makes first appearance

You might remember that there was talk awhile back about RIM’s well-known instant-messaging client, BBM, would be making its way to Android and eventually iOS. The first signs of such an app have just surfaced, showing the standard BlackBerry Messenger profile page, but not much else. The app icon doesn’t look great right now, but BBM for Android is still in testing (albeit late stages, according to the source). Native Android notifications are reportedly working well, but the full extent of BBM features aren’t quite known for sure.

Even though I’m a big BlackBerry fan, I don’t use BBM that much, and see most of the excitement surrounding it as a relic of a time when instant messaging aside from SMS was nonexistant. Read/recieved notifications are nice and all, and I could see how shared calendars, pictures, and lists within groups could be useful, but only if all of your friends own a BlackBerry, which obviously isn’t the case anymore. Google Talk meets my instant messaging needs much better exactly because it’s cross-platform, and BBM may find some renewed use if some of my friends without BlackBerry devices could get in touch with me through it. That said, if RIM wants to keep BBM as a sellable feature, they’re going to have to go cross-platform; they’ve already announced that their enterprise products are headed that way, and the PlayBook will echo the sentiment with its Android app player. Projects that leverage BlackBerry Messenger (like BBM Music) might not be particularly attractive when they’re limited to RIM smartphones, but if that market were suddenly opened up to a wider range of phones, devs may find a reason to make their apps BBM-connected with the available tools. While I doubt that the taste of BBM on Android will be enough to get owners to make their next phone a BlackBerry, RIM may still make a bit of coin if they charge for the core BBM app on other platforms.

We may end up seeing BlackBerry Messenger for Android before 2012 hits, which means a preview may be in order at BlackBerry DevCon in a few short weeks. Anyone excited to give it a shot, or are the multitude of existing cross-platform instant messaging clients enough to keep you connected?

[via TechRadar]

  • Gatot Hadi

    I don’t know whether to be happy or not. This because the very reason why I quit Blackberry is exactly because of the unavoidable-always-online Blackberry messenger.
    If I’m going to install it, it will be because my partner asked me to do so.

  • Jodix

    Why would RIM create BBM for Android (or other platform)? Wasn’t that a disadvantage for RIM? Wasn’t people stick with BB because of BBM, to keep them close with their BBM friends? If RIM makes BBM for Android or iOS, people would prefer to have Android or iOS devices over BB, since they can still do BBM with their friends, while having extra advantages of Android and iOS, would they??

    • Rasmon

      Exactly as jodix said

      • ljbuilder

        iOS has already got their own, Android will likely have one in development by google… And RIM is doing very poorly with phone sales in UK/US to what they should be. In the east its a different story so they may restrict it to just some countries?

  • Pcpierre

    mmm think i might try it…..

  • Danceqween1219

    i want to try it! I love bbm and really want to start using it on my android!

  • Gmcwo

    plz make the programmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jr4rasfr

    dont think its real blackberry has some phones that look like android

  • nice for android!!

  • When it’s on Android please don’t make Broadcasting with it -_-

  • muzoo

    liars, ppfffft

  • boredinlecturestudent

    how can blackberry messenger be in android. I though BBM works by having each blackberry phone owns its own unique PIN. It’s not like WhatsApp where the contacts are based on his/her phone number….

  • Its real, don’t have to question it. Look at the version number and the status bar with the battery. Its been in talks for a while i wonder if it will be a paid app. And its not hard to distribute BBM pins for androids. 

    • Bla

      Yeah, this totally couldn’t be photoshopped. 

  • Roddy41

    i definitely think bbm should be a cross platform, app, my berry is right next to me and alot of my contacts don’t use multi platform chats, so finally being able to talk to them from my iphone or android………sweet!!! I think it’s a definite plus

  • Anonymous

    Learn how to spell receive.

  • fortking

    this is 100% a fake they just made a app test too look like that its a test but its really a fake

  • This author ignores the fact that BBM is super convenient when corresponding with people who live overseas, and use completely different service providers. BBM is the universal communication app, that ties BB users across several countries. That’s the only reason I still use a Blackberry, otherwise I’d have left for an android based phone long ago

    • u can use whatsapp n others apps 

      they are essentially the same

    • Osito Lindo1

      I is the reason why I also would to keep Blackberry, because I able to communicate with my famili overseas. 

  • lkklmlml   

  • are u active in omegle?

  • Aj

    does it work?

  • Coralys

    so the bbm for android is still not working yet? or is it? because i have looked for iton my android device and i cannot find it. Does it have to be on a specific software version?

  • Chris1408 Ct

    how i download the bbm app?

  • Reksteen70

    i nee a link or a site where i can download it working or not working half an app is better than starting from scratch

    • Frankieferrigno

      download bbaw and wen thats done sownload bbm it cheats the system

  • Frankieferrigno

    if you dont already know, you can cheat teh system by downloading app world on ur android then download bbm

  • mastermoder82

    it`s just whatsapp with blackberry icon just go and get whatsapp

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