iPhone 5 Meta Live-Blog today! [Update: Now live!]

Just a reminder folks, today Apple will announce the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S, or both, and we are here to bring you the best coverage on the interwebs. If you were planning on keeping track of the coverage live, why not save yourself the trouble of switching between five or six tabs and let IntoMobile curate the news for you?

We’ll be following all the big news sites and blogs that will be live at the event, and we’ll pull in photos, text and information and bring it to you right here on IntoMobile. Aren’t you glad you have us around to make life a little easier for you?

Stay tuned!

We’re live right here, right now!

  • Steven

    I think i can speek for a lot of apple lovers as i am a apple lover myself. i am disapointed with this phone i have had everything from apple from there pcs to there phones and would fight there corner against windows, andorid and blackberry etc. but please what is this i am from the uk and contract prices are high which i dont mind paying £50 a month plus adding on my internet browsing and VAT lol and i dont mind paying £200 for the best handsets on the market, but not when the market is still so close and there are phones on the market with the same specs. like dare i say it the samsung galaxy s2 which in the uk is free and from £28 a month for the same spec, and the lg optimax with a full 3d screen. Not that i want to go for these makes but add up the cost to the insides and what you get….

    I have been waiting for this for a while now and thought that apple with all there secrets may of had something up there sleves but no i was wronge they give us cloud which sounds great more stuff to connect to the internet for, and also a hd 1080p camara which yh is good but not really worth the price i already have a hd camara at home and thats that.

    I am sure that the iphone 4s will work briliant as all there stuff dose and i no i was hopeing for an iphone 5 but there is noting new to see here. They have done what anyone else could of done in a day (o yh just change this and this and call it a 4s) but what happened to the child makeing the phone amazing with super hardware blowing us away like the iphone 3, 5 years more advanced than any other mobile or cell out there. There add in the uk for the iphone 4 saying that “this is just the beging” dosent quite cut it and there stock shairs reflect that lol. I do just feel alittle sorry for tim cook the new CEO as i personly dont think he wil be geting much credit for this. but what the hell have those designers been doing smockin crack lol..  

    well if you managed to read all my babaling send me some feed back whether you agree or disagree to what i am saying or just to put a bit of faith back in apple again many thank for reading message me back at srtandy@hotmail.com thanks agn

  • Mobileplusbazaar

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