Nexus Leak: Google Nexus Prime spotted in the wild?

Even though it’s officially iPhone day, those of you who are more interested in the upcoming Google Nexus Prime have something to look forward to today as well. While everything is rumored until proven otherwise, the first glimpse of the next Nexus handset may indeed be in the picture below.

The picture is not all that revealing but a few little nuggets are shared on the handset’s display. First up, the pixel density on the thing is 320 pixels per inch, which should me more than acceptable for even the more hardcore spec-junkies of the world. It may be a bit odd to see that the resolution appears to be 1184 x 720 but that’s likely due to the fact that the notification bar and navigation buttons, which are now on the display, are collectively taking up the missing 96 pixels. This is indeed an HD display, folks.

One of the few things that have been rumored about the Nexus Prime is that it will use a Pentile Matrix, which has been used in many Motorola phones and the results can look rather awful. Luckily, with a combination of the AMOLED display at HD resolution, the ending result likely won’t be near as tragic as Motorola’s offerings.

Oddly enough, the soft keys for navigation in the picture aren’t seen in the two-minute Ice Cream Sandwich video that we saw not long ago. This could mean a couple of things, actually. Either the video is fake, this picture is fake, or both are real and the navigation keys only come up at specific times.

At this point, if this indeed is the Nexus Prime (or whatever it will really be called at launch) the only thing we can say in confidence is that the handset will be rocking an HD display. Screen size and CPU, while speculated time and time again, have been anything but confirmed and we can only hope that Sammy and Google will be announcing the highest-end Android phone at the time. With HTC and LG handsets set to launch with HD displays we hope to see some truly standout features from the Nexus Prime, outside of Ice Cream Sandwich, of course.


What do you guys thinks? Real or fake? Sound off in the comments below!

[Via: GSMArena]

  • Anonymous

    The photo doesn’t show enough information to draw any conclusions.

  • Breambeem

    That is not an amoled screen.

  • Breambeem

    That is not an amoled screen.

  • Enoel69

    Looks like the Samsung GS2 LTE HD screen. I am hoping the bottom half of the Nexus Prime will be designed differently from all the Samsung Galaxy devices. I would love to see something like the Ciccarese design or the one outed by the web site in London that had the Nexus Prime listed as coming soon..looked all screen with a thinner bezel but the bottom part with a little more bezel…forgot the web site address

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