Samsung Media Hub launches in beta for AT&T’s Galaxy S II users

Samsung Media Hub launches in beta for AT&T's Galaxy S II users

Samsung has started rolling out Media Hub to select group of users, namely Galaxy S II owners on AT&T. Everyone who signs-up gets a complementary $25 voucher to grab some movies and TV shows. Then, once these are downloaded, there’s an option to beam the content to the big screen, if that big screen includes a 2011 Samsung Smart TV.

The new service launches with a limited selection of movies and TV programming, which will undoubtedly be expanded in the weeks and months to come. What’s more, I would assume users on other networks and from other countries will also be invited to join Sammy’s media scheme in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re in the “affected group,” make sure to act as soon as you can. That $25 voucher definitely makes for a sweet deal, allowing you to get some video content free of charge, without violating any laws at all. 😉

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