Samsung compares the iPhone 4S with its Galaxy S II

Samsung compares the iPhone 4S with its Galaxy S II

If our “iPhone 4S vs competition” chart is not good enough for you, maybe you’ll like Samsung’s own chart. They’ve prepared a table that compares their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S II, with the brand new iPhone 4S. Needless to say, the Korean company wants to show us their product is superior in many aspects.

For instance, the Galaxy S II has a bigger screen – the AT&T version has 42% more screen area (length x width), while Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II will have 58% more screen area than the iPhone 4S.

When it comes to connectivity, the Galaxy S II’s HSPA+ network speeds are at least 50% faster with AT&T 21Mbps and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14Mbps HSPA network.

Finally, they talk about open ecosystem that allows users to get apps and music from a number of sources — as opposed to Apple’s closed eco-system.

You can see how all this pans out from a chart below. Or download the bigger version as a PDF file from here.

Samsung compares the iPhone 4S with its Galaxy S II

  • Skyline100

    The chart shows that the Samsung GSII doesn’t have dedicated outer camera button but the iPhone4S does have?

    • That was what i needed to know to decide wich one to purchase…thanks!

    • krunal

      i am not sure about that but when i was reading the “let’s talk iphone”, i did read somewhere that if you press home button while the screen is off it will launch the camera app without needing a password.

    • Anonymous

      The iPhone 4S can use the ‘up’ volume button as a camera shutter button.  I don’t believe it’s a dual-stage (half-press to focus, full press to take a pic) though.  I forget if it was a double tap or a long press of the home button to get to the camera.  One of those takes you to the camera the other to Siri.

  • Where from did you get the table?

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