Samsung looking to get Apple’s new iPhone 4S banned in France and Italy

Less than 24 hours after Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, got on stage and announced the new iPhone 4S, Samsung called up their lawyers and told them to make sure the fifth generation Jesus Phone doesn’t land in Italy and France. The company’s announcement, titled: “Samsung to request preliminary injunction orders against Apple iPhone 4S“, can be read in full below.

Samsung Electronics will file separate preliminary injunction motions in Paris, France and Milano, Italy on October 5 local time requesting the courts block the sale of Apple’s iPhone 4S in the respective markets.

Samsung’s preliminary injunction requests in France and Italy will each cite two patent infringements related to wireless telecommunications technology, specifically Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standards for 3G mobile handsets.

The infringed technology is essential to the reliable functioning of telecom networks and devices and Samsung believes that Apple’s violation as being too severe and that the iPhone 4S should be barred from sales.

Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation.

Samsung plans to file preliminary injunctions in other countries after further review.

This is officially an all out war. Apple got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 kicked out of the Australian and German markets, now it’s Samsung’s turn to try and get Apple’s latest hit out from two incredibly large Western European markets. Curiously, we don’t know why they didn’t try to nail Apple to the wall and get the iPhone banned in America? Maybe they know they have a better chance of success in Europe? Anyway, this is yet another court case that we’ll be following, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

Who do you think will win? It’s really hard to say since we don’t know anything about these two patents Samsung is talking about.

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