T-Mobile’s October and November roadmap leaked

If you’re a T-Mobile customer becoming a little antsy over what your next phone will be, we have great news for you. A road map illustrating the carrier’s upcoming October and November devices has surfaced.

October shows a lot of phones we’ve already been reading about through official announcement or leaks. These devices include the HTC AmazeSamsung Hercules and the speedy 4G Huawei phone code named “Wayne.” But here’s where it gets interesting: starting November 2, there’s supposed to be a slew of devices launching, though of course this date is subject to change.

Here’s a simplified list of devices coming out in November below:

  • LG Maxx Touch (new myTouch with a $129 price tag)
  • LG Maxx QWERTY (different myTouch with same $129 price tag)
  • HTC “Omega,” known to the world as the HTC Radar 4G ($199 price tag)
  • LG Flip II, which is a slider phone with a dual core processor ($149)
  • Samsung Ancora ($100)
  • Huawei “Tallsome,” a tablet with little to info ($199)
  • Samsung “Robin,” known to the world as the Galaxy Tab Plus 7-inch ($300)

If this map stays true, those T-Mo customers who’ve complained about lack of choices should be more than satisfied. This is always an awesome time for carriers to either bring in or keep existing customers by offering bunch of new phones just in time for the holidays. Which device grabs your attention the most?

[via TmoNews]


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