Could the Verizon Galaxy Nexus exclusive make way for the rumored QWERTY variant to land on other carriers?

With the news that the next Nexus phone will be a Verizon exclusive, we’re sure many people are happy to hear that. Many people are not so happy with that, too. Still, even if the handset does debut on Verizon, I can’t imagine that another version wouldn’t pop up for other carriers. While this is the first time we’ve seen a Nexus handset grace the largest US carrier, it would be wise of Google to follow Samsung’s Galaxy S strategy for the US and get the handset on as many carriers as possible.

I’m not necessarily thrilled that the handset may be a Verizon exclusive but it’s definitely easy to imagine that having the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon at all will definitely give more attention to the Pure Google line. The Nexus One first debuted on T-Mobile in early 2010, with an AT&T compatible version debuting not long afterwards. The Nexus S on the other hand saw an initial debut on T-Mobile, an AT&T compatible version, and then the Nexus S 4G landed on Sprint.

While history may not repeat itself completely this time around, it only makes sense to see some sort of new Nexus handset land on other carriers at some point in the future. If the Galaxy Nexus is a Verizon exclusive, and the rumors turn out to be true, does that mean the QWERTY-packing variant will land on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T?

The idea of having a QWERTY-toting Nexus Phone released is a novel one but it’s certainly not an unlikely one. I don’t care what weight a keyboard adds to a handset. If it’s a good keyboard it’s worth the weight in my opinion and hopefully we’ll see a Galaxy Nexus Pro of some sort debut soon.

While I’m pretty much dead set on the Galaxy Nexus right now, I’m reluctant to join Verizon. In the past four years, I’ve been with T-Mobile and love the price I’m paying. When the first Motorola Droid landed in late 2009, I jumped ship to Verizon and ran into network problems immediately. Big Red’s customer support was anything but helpful. Not to mention I was paying nearly $30 more for 50 less minutes and text messages that never successfully sent. Verizon has left a bad taste in my mouth and it’s hard to see myself going back.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that Verizon will likely push the Galaxy Nexus hard, which is something the Nexus line has needed for some time now. That said, we certainly hope it’s not an over dramatic Droid campaign but the handset was luckily enough to not get the Droid branding in its name. Either way, those who aren’t aware of the Nexus line (the majority) will soon see what the fuss is all about.

I can’t say that I want to wait any longer than I have to for the Galaxy Nexus but if there’s a chance of a keyboard-toting version right around the corner and I don’t have join Verizon, it’ll be worth the wait.

Do keep in mind that virtually everything about the Galaxy Nexus / Nexus Prime is a rumor until proven otherwise by Samsung and Google themselves and we’ll see official specs in less than a week from now.

What do you think? Could you see a QWERTY-packing Galaxy Nexus land on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T, or is it not in the cards?

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    • Aman

      It needs to go to other carriers quickly….not many months later.  They need to announce with whom and when at the launch meeting.

  • Enoel69

    Sorry not going anywhere near Verizon if it turns out they do have an exclusive to the new Nexus. That will be a grave mistake an a slap on the face to all the present N1 and NS customers on Tmobile, Sprint and Att and the future Nexus owners on these networks. My gosh why do u think Apple now has the iPhone on three of the four major networks…bottom line is to get as many iPhones to the masses. A word to my beloved Google…the prudent thing is to get the new ICS Nexus to the masses…that means to all the big four Networks..that eventually translate to many Nexus devices in many hands. There’s a huge opportunity here for Google and the Nexus brand to make greater inroads to the iPhone territory. The just announced iPhone despite a few specs improvements seem to be a warmed up iPhone 4 and many disappointed iFANs might just be willing to hop on the ICS Nexus train. The bottom line is Google should make the new Nexus available to legions of present N1 and NS owners in their respective networks…most of us love the prices we pay and will not migrate to any carrier to chase a device. On Tuesday the 11th, they should state when each network will be expecting the device so that prospective owners of the new Nexus in other carriers will know what to expect b4 they commit to another device. First on my want list by 85% is the new ICS Nexus, second by 10% is the Amaze 4G then the Samsung GS2 by 5%.

  • Enoel69

    Oh two more things..1) Apple abandoned the exclusive to Att model bcz they realized it stymied how many units they were able to move out to the masses as compared to having it on multiple carriers…so that’s not road Google should wonna head to. 2) Also Apple did not leave Att behind when they decided to move to the multiple carrier was Att plus the other two networks having their new device from the jump. So Google pls just give me my Nexus on Tmobile…it should be Tmobile plus the others Sprint, Att and Verizon getting the new Nexus from the jump.

  • A B

    i totally agree! i don’t mind waiting a couple months to have an equivalent phone with a keyboard on Sprint.  Don’t make me wait 9 months because at that point the phone will be behind the innovation curve.

    i don’t even mind if they call it the Epic Prime or the Epic Pro especially if I get to keep Swype and Telenav. 

    I used to use Telenav ever since it was “Sprint Navigation” on Samsung Instinct.  I still use it on Epic4G because it was better than Google Navigation.  It has prerecorded street names instead of creepy robotic text-to-speech synthesis street names in the turn-by-turn directions. 

    The Epic 4G is suffering from hardware issues. Either limited memory causing thrashing and draining battery or bad electronic interconnects.  I had these problems after my Epic4G was replaced due to bad display.  The radios don’t seem to want to cooperate toggling Wifi and GPS has problems.

    I absolutely prefer a physical hardware QWERTY keyboard because it frees up valuable screen space when i’m typing email.  I love Swype but there’s a place for it.  The physical keyboard works often when the virtual keyboard lags and it often offers easier access to keys that are inconvenient on the virtual keyboard.

    Now, if they manage to offer a rugged hardware QWERTY flip-out or fold-out keyboard, a Super AMOLED HD Plus RGB matrix display, 2GB of RAM, quad-core, 2000mAH battery, WiMax+LTE, Swype, TeleNav, microSDXC support, NFC, …  They can call it the Nexus Elite or the Epic Elite

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