Windows Phone will support LTE, dual-core

Windows Phone 7 Mango preview

Microsoft, coming fresh off its first major update to its new Mango operating system, indicated that future Windows Phone models will have dual-core processors or support for faster LTE networks, in a interview with AllThingsD. This comes straight from the lips of Windows Phone head man, Andy Lees.

In the interview, Lees remained confident in the progress of WP7 adding:

“We’re not making specific predictions but I think that our momentum is going to build.” He continued, “Our first [release] was about mindshare, and really getting the credibility, and I think [Mango] is really about starting to build unit volume and market share.”

It’s hard to disagree with what Lees said, especially considering all the things Microsoft has done when it comes to getting the attention of developers, along with the glowing reviews its gotten for its newly polished OS called Mango (check out our review of Mango here). He also mentioned Microsoft and its partner’s strategy of waiting to release LTE devices until the faster networks could be properly supported without draining battery.

Far as the rest of the interview goes, Lees touched on Microsoft’s patent deal with Samsung, which also has an agreement that includes a commitment to step up its support of Windows Phone, changes that will become evident next year — a deal Google sees as extortion of Samsung’s profits.

[via AllThingsD]

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