Early benchmarks declare iPhone 4S the fastest smartphone on the market

Think that dual-core 4G Android powerhouse of yours easily kicks iPhone ass? Think again, because AnandTech performed numerous benchmark tests on the iPhone 4S running iOS 5 GM. The combination of hardware and software made this device faster than any other in every single test.

The Apple iPhone 4S scored a 2222 on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark 0.9. Right behind that is actually the 15-month old iPhone 4 running iOS 5 with a score of 3921 — not even close. In this category, iPhone 4S is second in line only to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which is a tablet, not a smartphone. For some reason, that’s the only tablet thrown in the mix. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 received a score of 2220.

Next is the Rightware BrowserMark test. iPhone 4S wins again, even triumphing the Galaxy Tab 8.9 this time. The 4S has a score of 89567. The second place smartphone — Samsung Galaxy S II — is over one-third slower in this test at 55144.

Finally, we move on to GLBenchmark 2.1 for the graphics statistics. In two different 720p offscreen tests, iPhone 4S achieves 73.1 frames per second and 122.7 frames per second, respectively. Samsung Galaxy S II is again right behind for both tests, and I give credit to Samsung where credit is due. It smokes the iPhone 4, but it now has some serious trouble facing the 4S. It’s a good thing it has that heaven-sent Galaxy S III on the way, right?

One last thing to note is the difference in processors between the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S as shown by these benchmarks. Apple is always quick to announce the clock speed of the iPad, and this year the company proclaimed the dual-core A5 was clocked at 1 GHz. The iPhone specifications have always been more vague. AnandTech found that the iPhone 4S is slightly under-clocked, and therefore slightly slower overall. They peg it at around 800 MHz.

It just goes to show that software can really make the difference. Manufacturers can load up devices with dual-core 1.5 GHz processors, but if Android is hogging up resources, the powerful hardware won’t mean much to the end user.

[via AnandTech]

  • Easybucketz

    This means nothing because in psychical test the ipad2 loses to the samsung galaxy tab. The iphone 4s is not the fastest phone y’all to stop writing apple propaganda. The ipad 2 best the galaxy tab in these scores as well but still fell short by shot in actually test thatmatter to everyday people. Like how fast it opens web pages, opening apps, multitasking. Apple likes to post scores from test based around their phones. psychical test means more than bs graphics test

    • that’s typically
      what type of test are performed on computers and as well as other types of electronics
      multimedia devices. dumb ass… sorry buddy the iPhone wins again.

      you can
      brag about your phones screen size, even though it doesn’t beat the 326 ppi of iPhone
      which is how detail the screen is.

  • “It just goes to show that software can really make the difference. Manufacturers can load up devices with dual-core 1.5 GHz processors, but if Android is hogging up resources, the powerful hardware won’t mean much to the end user.”

    if what u say is true based on the 8.9  scores, ICS on SGS2 or ant other phone/tab should make a difference.

  • jezza

    sure . . you can push higher FPS on a smaller screen . . dont need a degree to figure that out . . 

    • Anonymous

      What’s your point? The iPhone has higher resolution than phones with bigger screens.

      Example: Samsung Galaxy S2 resolution: 800×480
      iPhone 4S: 960×640


  • nnamdi kalu

    wow ur a loser. ur comment made no sense and u cant even use correct conjegation. smh u probabaly brought ur brand new iphone home and realized it was shit… but nnow u rr stuck with it and ,ust make urself like it…hahahahah geek!!! u say the iphones screen has more detail? well atleast android fones can play 3d games in hd, somthing that cannot be don on ios… go on name one hd game in the app store(for ipod/iphone) name one!!!! lol atleast our apps arent so pixelated like the shit u use on ur iphone. and yea these benchmark numbers may lookgood and even made u start liking urself and ur fone.. but guess what in reall tests the samsung galaxy s2 wins everytime, last year the samsung galaxy s1 beat the iphone in every tese and it goes on…

    • Dylon

      Wow dude, you’re really dumb..Like, really dumb. Did you ever go to school?
      And have you ever used a iPhone?
      With a Retina Display it’s almost impossible to have anything pixelated…
      And WOW. 3D GAMES?! NO WAY?! Who cares? 12 year olds maybe? 
      Do you know what a phone was intentionally used for? And putting speed ontop of that wasn’t meant for games. If you want something for games, go buy a Xbox or Playstation because now you’re in the wrong section. 
      But if you wanna go there, explain to me why the Apple App Store sales 3x more games than the android market on just games alone? I don’t remember the details for a app that’s not a game. And the test was completely accurate, you’re just mad that your phone that’s bigger than your face lost..

  • Gilbert2424

    apple blows

  • Dajdawg

    I don’t claim to know alot about the difference between apple and android OS, but I will say this.  My GS2 runs awesome, and blows away any android phone I run a benchmark against it on.  When the iPhone market is 75% free, then maybe ill switch.  Until then I have the best phone out as far as processor speeds go by FAR.  iPhone 4s may be slower, but as always apple has made software/hardware in house to work together so of course it runs more smoothly.

    • Dajdawg

       Side note.  When I show people the benchmark test I run (Quadrant Standard) friends with iPhones ask me if they can compare.  I ask them “To what, another iPhone?”  That pretty much ends that conversation 😛

  • Too bad this is an old article. The newest phones blow the iPhone 5 away, and the iPhone was released today.

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