Nexus Prime, Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming Oct. 19

Nexus Prime, Ice Cream Sandwich coming Oct. 18

It looks like the rumors were right, as Samsung and Google have just sent out invitations for an event Oct. 19 in Hong Kong. This should be the unveiling of the Nexus Prime (or whatever it’s called) and the first time we get a good look at Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich were supposed to debut this week at CTIA but the event was abruptly postponed. Now, we should know a lot more about the device and the latest version of Android next Tuesday (Oct. 18 EST). If you can’t go to Hong Kong, the event will be streaming live on – and we’ll be remotely live blogging the event with all of you.

We wish we’d be there but the last thing I want to do is get on a plane for Hong Kong and then have Samsung postpone the event while I’m the air. I kid. Kind of.

Needless to say, this could be the most important handset announcement of the year now that the iPhone 4S is official and selling like gangbusters. I’m definitely going to take a close look at this device and it may even be good enough for me to switch back to Android.

  • Trdracer21

    wow marin coming back to android? let me ask you something, what do you want? what is it that you dont like about android is it software or the phones? what will make you switch back?…..
    1 big question if android was on a iphone 4 device will you like it?

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