Live: BlackBerry DevCon 2011 keynote – PlayBook 2.0, BBX announcement, and more

BlackBerry DevCon 2011 live

We’re live from the BlackBerry DevCon conference and we’re just minutes away from the keynote.

We’re expecting a lot out of RIM today, as the company is in the middle of a public relations and investor confidence nightmare. Not only has BlackBerry been losing market share to the likes of Apple and Google, RIM just weathered their biggest embarrassing outage to date. The company is offering up free apps and technical support to enterprises to make the situation right, but will that be enough?

What are we hoping to hear about? Well, we should see the PlayBook 2.0 software and this will hopefully finally bring native e-mail, calendar and BBM to the BlackBerry tablet. We also know that Android apps are landing on QNX, so RIM should spell out when and how this is going to happen.

We know that RIM plans to bring out BlackBerry smartphones with the QNX operating system (perhaps rebranded as BBX) and this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase it to the world, as well as give developers a crack at the platform before it hits the market. Rumors suggest there will be at least a BBX developer phone but RIM could just go ahead and announce the consumer device at the keynote. There are two OS 7 BlackBerry devices they might announce, but that expectation might be pushing our luck.

Follow along in the live blog below, as Simon Sage and myself will be giving you the blow by blow.

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