Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on from Nokia World 2011 [Video]

Nokia just unwrapped its first Windows Phones and we’ve already gave you a look at the 800, so we had to check out the Lumia 710.

The Lumia 710 is the lower-end model but it still packs respectable features and specs. It has a 3.7 inch screen like the Lumia 800, but instead uses LCD instead of AMOLED technology, and it also rocks a 5-megapixel camera. It does have a removable back cover for customization and it will be selling colors that match the Windows Phone layouts.

It’s smaller than the Lumia 800 but the Lumia 710 also has a great in-hand feel. The screen is bright and responsive and barring apps that needed connections in a far-too-crowded conference, it ran quite smoothly.

Check out the photos below and I’ll have the video up as soon as possible (if it’s not showing up yet, just wait a minute please).

  • Cellularcrazy09

    I always thought that Nokia had great hardware and their problem was the software.  With the new windows platform I still don’t think they went a step in the right direction.  I had the Samsung focus for 12 days and hated it.  I think Nokia should have stuck with Meego and did the whole windows thing on the side.  

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