Nokia’s Niklas Savander: If you like what we did with Mango, just wait until you see Apollo!

Yesterday Nokia announced their first two smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, the Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800. They’re gorgeous, and they’re both fairly affordable, but unless you like Windows Phone … none of that really matters. While Mango, the current release of Windows Phone, fixes a lot of the issues that bothered us with the first version of Windows Phone, it’s Apollo, which will likely be called Windows Phone 8, that we’re really waiting for. “Third time’s the charm” is a saying that sadly defines the technology industry. Remember Android 1.5 and 1.6? They sucked, but then 2.0 hit the scene and it really made us take the OS seriously. Same thing with the first iPhone and second iPhone, both were interesting, but it was the 3GS that came with a faster processor that really made the Jesus Phone shine. Something tells us the Windows Phone story will be the same, and we’re not alone with that opinion. Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Markets for Nokia, said the following in an interview with TechRadar:

“When you look within the Windows Phone ecosystem and compare how the Lumia performs, there we have a contractual agreement with Microsoft for a certain amount of engineering which we can use for differentiation. However, we have to be very careful on how we use that one because we cannot fragment the developer ecosystem. If that starts forking, that’s not useful at all. We made the decision to go to Windows Phone when Mango was pretty much done, so we were able to impact some elements of it but you’ll really see the fruits of what we can do with Microsoft when the Apollo version of Windows Phone comes out.”

He goes on to say how Nokia’s working with Microsoft to enable low cost Windows Phones and that having 2 devices is “absolutely not enough” in today’s market, but the 710 and 800 are a good start. Bring on Mobile World Congress 2012!

  • Anonymous

    ah ah ! this guy is so funny! they didn’t done nothing with mango. so it’s useless to waiting for mango.

    • Larry345

      Nokia does nothing with Widows software, why is this guy talking nonsense. Let get your act together before making specious comments on something you do not control.

  • Gregory C Newman

      2012 is the year Windows phones will shine because they will
    technically be on the same page as the other phones because Apollo Windows 8 Phones can be made with dual core CPU’s and high def screens, NFC, more Apps and all the technology The Iphone and Android phones now have that is superior to windows 7 phones. 2012 is the year   no one will ever again say Windows phones are weak phones or boast that Android or Apple phones have better technology. the only advantage they will have over Windows 8 phones is that they have more Apps and are better known. 2012 is the year Microsoft and it’s OEM partners have to get better advertisements out to let People know they have a seriously good  product. so far they donot know how to advertise Windows phones and have to get retailers from pushing Other phones over the Windows phones

    • AndroidAdvocate

      Sorry you are wrong. It is 2013 and Windows Phone are still terrible with a 3% market share. No one wants them.

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