New ‘invisible glass’ could remove the annoying glare from our mobile devices

Look at the header image. Do you see anything on the right? No? Look closer. Yep, Nippon Electric Glass developed a new technology it calls ‘invisible glass’ because it looks, well, invisible. The point of the glass is to reduce as much glare as possible, a huge disadvantage of normal glass. In fact, normal glass reflects 8 percent of all light that passes through it. This new “invisible” glass reflects only 0.5 percent.

Seriously, the first time I saw the picture, it took me a while to realize there was actually a piece of glass at all on the right side. Nippon Electric Glass was able to develop this glass using an anti-reflection film on the front and back. There are over 30 layers of the film on each side of the invisible glass, and the thickness of each layer can be measured in nanometers.

If this prototype invisible glass eventually makes it to market, we could see it implemented in mobile phones and tablets to eliminate that pesky glare most noticeable outside. This would even work for laptops, desktops, and televisions. I think tablets would benefit most from the new technology since they are made up primarily of large sheets of glass, and people are more likely to use them in direct sunlight thanks to portability and long battery life. “Invisible” glass could also possibly take away the e-ink display advantage from popular readers like the Kindle.

Nippon Electric Glass did not announce plans for commercial production yet, but the satisfaction of knowing this type of glass is in the works certainly provides hope for the future of mobile device displays.

[via Phone Scoop]

  • Guest

    Next question, how does this coating stand up to … fingerprints?

  • SpecialAgentRockstar

    Sounds just like the Anti-Reflective coatings used on spectacle lenses – the coating that most people complain is too hard to keep clean and shows scratches that normally wouldn’t be seen on an uncoated lens. I won’t wear glasses without an AR coating, but I wouldn’t consider it for my phone. Also, adding a screen protector would eliminate the anti-glare benefit. Stationary screens like TVs and monitors might be a different story though.

  • Bobby

    Extinction¬†of birds in 3…2……

  • Mnbvc

    Can you get gorilla glas with that? Strong is better then no glear.

  • oh man, any word on how much this will cost compared to traditional glass?

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