Square updates Card Case mobile payments app with new features

Square, the mobile payments service created by none other than Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, updated its Card Case app today with some convenient new features. The new automatic tabs feature makes payments nearly effortless, thanks in part to iOS 5’s new geo-fencing technology. All you need to do is walk within 100 meters of a Square-supported business and the purchasing window will automatically appear on-screen. Just say your name and the purchase has been made, no questions asked.

Today’s Card Case update is available on iOS, but Square is working on pumping out an Android version with the new features soon.

Square has two mobile apps: one mainly for businesses and one for consumers. The original Square app works with the special credit card reader accessory so businesses can accept payments on their smartphone or tablet. The recently released Card Case app for consumers allows consumers to pay for products from those businesses using their own smartphone or tablet. With Card Case’s latest updates, it’s sure to have competitors such as Google Wallet and PayPal concerned.

Over 20,000 merchant locations nationwide support payments via Card Case and over 800,000 use Square’s main app to accept payments. These numbers will continue to rise as the smartphone and tablet revolution advances, as long as Square helps pave the way. In fact, mobile payment systems such as Square are expected to eventually replace cash registers some day in the future.

[via WSJ]

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