Get it on with Adam Carolla iPhone, Android apps

I’m a big fan of Adam Carolla and his podcast so it’s really cool to see that there’s now an iPhone and Android app to help you get it on while you’re on the go.

For those who don’t know, Adam Carolla delivers a podcast network and the app will let you stream those shows on your device. Along with the flagship podcast, you’ll also have access to the other podcasts on the network, videos and there’s also social networking integration to share shows and stories. I’ve just played with the iPhone version for a few minutes, so I’m not quite sure if you can fully download the podcasts from the app but you can preload it for faster access.

The app itself is pretty darn slick and it seems well designed but I’m likely going to stick with the Stitcher app because it offers Adam Carolla’s show, as well as a host of other podcasts and radio stations out there. What really interests me about Adam Carolla is that this is a mainstream guy who got fired from his traditional, lucrative radio show and decided to go his own way via podcasts. This is the same person who used to proudly state that he didn’t know how to use the Internet and now he’s on the forefront of a new media revolution.

You can download the iPhone app here (iTunes link) and the Android app here. Both are free.

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