Kindle Fire gets support from big-name apps

Amazon has just announced that its Kindle Fire will have support for Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as “several thousand more apps” when the device ships next week. This is awesome news as the Kindle maker plans to beef up its options for media-enabled apps for its hotly anticipated tablet before launch.

Discussing the Kindle Fire’s aggressive push in media options Dave Limp, vice president, Amazon Kindle said:

“We started talking to app developers everywhere the day we introduced Kindle Fire, and the response has been overwhelming.” He continued saying “In addition to over 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and magazines from Amazon, we are excited to offer customers thousands of apps and games to choose from on Kindle Fire – from Pandora and Rhapsody to Facebook and Twitter to Netflix, as well as popular games from EA, Zynga and many other top game developers. And this is only the beginning – we’re adding more apps and games every day across all categories.”

Amazon is stepping on the gas when it comes to apps included in its AppStore, this may be due to growing pressure from its rival Barnes and Noble with the release of its latest Nook Tablet. The Nook Tablet debuted only a few days ago, so Amazon is preparing for war as it readies its latest offering. People’s attention of the new Nook will be short lived because I don’t believe it stands a chance against the Kindle Fire’s trove of media related things in its ecosystem and its cheaper price.

We’ll have a Kindle Fire in our hands shortly, so stick around.

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  • Honestly it sounds like this reviewer was on a bad internet
    connection. I love the Fire. Silk is every bit as great as Amazon
    advertised, the OS is WAAAY more stable than 2.3 (considering it hasn’t
    crashed once in almost a week. That’s a 2.3 record for me), and it’s
    WAAAY snappier. Integration with Amazon Prime is a dream. I haven’t
    tried Netflix yet, but streaming video from Amazon Prime couldn’t have
    been any faster for a device like this. It took maybe 4 seconds to
    start up, and it didn’t freeze or lag throughout the entire 2 episodes
    of Arrested Development I watched.

    The volume was also way better than the iPad 2 without
    speakers/headphones. It’s actually legitimate to watch a whole show in a
    semi noisy environment on this thing, without any external speakers.

    Setup was also a complete breeze, which was nice. It knew who I was
    immediately, and as soon as I input my wifi password, it downloaded the
    latest updates and synced with my amazon prime and amazon kindle

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