T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.8GHz!

T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.8GHz!

You know that Samsung has multiple versions of the Galaxy S II. There’s the CDMA model, the standard Galaxy S II sold in Europe and Asia, the one that runs on AT&T’s network and the one made for T-Mobile USA’s HSPA+ 42Mbps (downlink) network. The last mentioned comes with Qualcomm’s Hercules chip and has been overclocked to 1.8GHz. Yes that’s one point eight gigahertz!

Of course, this isn’t something everyone should do, but those of you feeling tech savvy enough could give it a try. We can’t guarantee everything will work properly after the process is completed and in that sense you can’t hold us (IntoMobile) accountable by any means.

Presuming you’re an adventurous spirit and have what the necessary knowledge, visit this page at XDA forums where you’ll get all the instructions needed to make this happen. Make sure to backup all your data prior to proceeding; something could always go wrong and having a local copy is a must…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Konrad

    Did you benchmark it?

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