Nokia “Champagne” running Windows Phone Tango spotted in server log

Microsoft’s next version of Windows Phone is going to be called Tango. Calling it a whole new version isn’t really fair though, because it’s really just a service pack. Remember when Windows Phone first launched in the fall of 2009? Less than half a year later Microsoft issued an update to the OS called “NoDo” that added copy and paste, CDMA support, better Facebook integration, and a whole other list of small things. Well now Mango is out, Windows Phone 7.5, which is a more substantial update to the OS that adds Twitter integration, multitasking, support for newer/faster Qualcomm hardware, and so on and so forth. Continuing this cycle of big release, update, big release, update, “Tango” is set to be the 2012 equivalent of “NoDo”. It’s been rumored that it’s going to add support for lower end devices, but also LTE support so that Nokia can reintroduce themselves to the American market with a serious flagship device.

Thanks to the server logs of an application dubbed “I’m a WP7!”, it’s been discovered that Nokia is going to introduce a Windows Phone Tango device codenamed “Champagne”. That’s all we can really say at this point. Earlier today the folks from The Verge said that they’re hearing rumors of a modified Nokia Lumia 800 that’ll support AT&T’s LTE network, so that’s possibly what “Champagne” will be, but again, that’s just speculation on our part.

The Windows Phone release we’re most interested about is of course what comes after Tango. Rumors say Windows Phone 8 will be called Apollo, it’ll support dual core processors, 720p resolution screens, and according to Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Markets for Nokia, we’ll “really see the fruits of what we can do with Microsoft when the Apollo version of Windows Phone comes out.” Expect to hear more about Apollo during late 2012.

  • p7 has failed so badly, for three years ago wp has got a market share of 5% now the market share is under 1% 6.5 has failed Kin has  failed wp7 has failed. Samsungs own OS Bada Outsells wp7. I think with no games and no apps its hard to compete.Lte or 4G or Dual core. wp7 is outdated loosers OS

    • sd

      Have you ever tried any of Windows 7 mango phones? Samsung Focus S is not a great phone but, in my opinion, it is very good one. I have new Samsung phone and I was very surprised  how fast it was, considering it has single core processor. Social media integration is great. You do not even need Facebook, Linked In or Twitter apps to do most of the work. As somebody could guess, MS Office integration is one of the main features of this phone. Sky Drive is way better than iPhone’s iCloude (sharing for example). Some of the things still missing, like creating new Sky Drive’s folder directly from phone or deleting existing one. Also, creating apps folders on phone is missing so all apps are listed on one screen. For somebody who has more than 50 apps that’s a problem. The biggest issue, at least for me, is the material the phone is made of. Especially back cover, looks like a cardboard.  It’s Samsung fault not Microsoft. Overall I would give 4 out of 5 stars. Oh yes, battery can last for 30 hours with normal usage (emails, messages, social media access and some gaming)

    • @1be3bb6d7e1b3e7dc11ef6ab29d3de5b:disqus travelsko  No. 3 Years ago WP had 0% of the market. WP is not Windows Mobile. WP it turns out is picking up market share, not declining in market share. The Kin was not a smart phone as arguably failed because the telecoms insisting on trying to charge for it as if it were a smartphone.

      If you can think of a single app the WP7 doesn’t have that it needs, I for one as a developer would like to know (I could use the money).

      The dual core arguement is silly. Pointing at numbers is meaningless. Either the phone works or it doesn’t. Either it is fast or it isn’t. I see lots of complaints about Android Speed. None about WP7 speed. You make too much off duel core and given it’ll be supported in 2012 what really is your point?

      From release to about a year and a half MS will have completely closed the gaps with iPhone and Android. Give them credit when they do something right.

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    Stefan, are you a cycling fan?  Love the pic of Cadel. 

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