Video: Making of the Nokia Lumia 800, the Finnish company’s first Windows Phone device

Making of the Nokia Lumia 800

So you want to know what happened behind the scenes during Nokia’s development of Lumia 800, their first Windows Phone device? Well the Espoo-based company thinks it has a story to tell, hence the following video has been released through popular video sharing sites.

It’s an 8-minute long clip, so you better set aside a little time for watching. You’ll get “fascinating insights and exclusive access to never-before-seen materials.” I like it and I’m sure you’ll like it to. So here comes. Enjoy! 😉

  • wp7 has failed so badly, for three years ago wp has got a market share of 5% now the market share is under 1% 6.5 has failed Kin has  failed wp7 has failed. Samsungs own OS Bada Outsells wp7. I think with no games and no apps its hard to compete.Lte or 4G or Dual core. wp7 is outdated loosers OS

    • O.M.

      outdated? LOL… it’s the newest of the bunch. It’s just a year old

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