Video: New Motorola Droid RAZR ad is a 60 second version of the last Batman movie

When Verizon Wireless launched the Motorola Droid back in October 2009, no one could have predicted how wildly successful or long lasting their ensuing marketing campaign would become. The theme for each and every Droid device that has since come out has been bleeding edge technology, so advanced that you can use it to destroy robotic warriors, and that if you’re the type of person who would rather have an iPhone, then you obviously don’t have a functioning pair of testicles. Now not everyone is a fan of the ads. People will point at Apple’s ads and wonder why they seem to be the only company demoing the usefulness of their products, but those guys don’t get commercials. Ads are supposed to make you stop and wonder what the hell you just witnessed. This writer grew up in the 90s and remembers the peak of television advertising, when television programming was also equally amazing compared to the singing asexual celebrities that star on today’s networks. This latest Droid commercial is a throwback to those days. When being a badass was seen as something you’d strive to become, whereas today the badass is someone who is defeated by a prepubescent boy from England waving around a stick.

Will this ad sell devices? Who cares, the Droid RAZR will sell itself once people walk into stores and see how anorexic it is. It makes Calista Flockhart (from “Ally McBeal”, the TV Series that ran in the late 90s) look like Gabourey Sidibe (the morbidly obese star of the 2009 film “Precious”). We just hope that Verizon has some equally impressive ads up their sleeve for the Galaxy Nexus, which we fell is simply the best Android device that’ll be available this holiday shopping season. Somehow we doubt it will though, because Verizon isn’t allowed to inject steroids into the Google sanctioned stock version of Android.

  • Ticemoart

    Droid make me happy droid for everyone 😀

  • Droid for openess…..

  • Sweetpeajewels1

    I just want to know who this beautiful person on that bike is- and then give him my #

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