Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Verizon LTE gets FCC approval

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is making an appearance, but sadly, it’s only via an FCC filing. According to the FCC filing, the long awaited Nexus phone will carry Verizon’s LTE service. The phone includes Verizon’s 700MHz spectrum and EVDO / CDMA, as well as the really cool NFC. This is great news because all regulatory issues are out of the way, and now we just await an official launch date.

Rumors are all over the place on when this device will actually release, some have said this week or all the way up to mid December. What we do know is this beastly handset should be hitting a bunch of carriers, including Bell Mobility in Canada, who announced a early December release a couple of days ago.

That said, I am starting to believe that Verizon may not have a clue on what date it will release the Ice Cream Sandwich phone. Many people out there think Big Red may be holding off the Galaxy Nexus to give Motorola’s Droid Razr a good promotional push. I don’t know what’s going on, but hopefully Google’s latest creation can make its way to stores soon. As more details begin to develop, we will be sure to keep you guys in the loop for whatever new launch date may pop up.

[via Engadget]



  • Jaime Ramirez


  • Kevin Schotts

    Spoke with both Bell and Rogers, they both will only have the 16gb, no foreseeable future for the 32

  • Anonymous

    I e-mailed Samsung saying that if their distributor, Verizon, won’t sell me their phone then I will buy one from another manufacturer. I don’t know what Samsung is doing or thinking but if this phone is ready and Verizon won’t sell it, I’d think they’d be pretty angry.

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