Demo lets Android and iOS owners test drive Windows Phone

Microsoft wants you to experience Windows Phone 7.5, because they know you will like it, once you try it. The company can’t afford to give everyone a Windows Phone, so it’s doing the next best thing – creating an online demo that’ll bring the Windows Phone experience to anyone with an iPhone or an Android handset.

You can pull up the demo from your phone’s mobile browser by visiting Microsoft’s website, The demo lets you swipe through Windows Phone and experience the mobile OS first hand. Microsoft populated the photos and contacts to make the demo feel as real as possible. There’s also a blue dot that’ll help you navigate the important parts of the demo. I gave it a test run and enjoyed using it for a few minutes. It does a reasonable job of mimicking the Mango interface and is as close as you can get to the real thing without going to a store and handling an actual phone.

Letting people play with the interface is a smart move by Microsoft. It gives people the chance to try out WP7.5 without buying a phone. Those, who normally wouldn’t be exposed to Windows Phone, may like what they  see and decide to buy a new handset. And Microsoft needs to boost its handset sales. Recent US Nielsen figures reveal Android has a 42.8% market share, iOS has 28.3% and RIM has 17.8% . Microsoft is in fourth with 6.1%.  Now that Nokia has unveiled its first Windows Phone handsets, it’s a good time for Microsoft to make a marketing push and grab a bigger piece of that market share pie.

[Via Windows Phone and SlashGear]

  • Anonymous

    Hey please forget about WP7, its nothing special. just focus on android and iphone.. =o)

  • Anonymous

    What AM3RIG said.  Almost nobody is buying Windows Phones because they don’t want them.  A website isn’t going to fix that.  So many Windows Phone stories, so many raving vans in the comments, so few buyers at the end of the day.

    Enough already.  When the thing is pulling a respectable share then maybe it deserves mention once in a while.  For now it should be one of the unnamed “other” contestants.

    • Oh yeah you must be right because it isn’t the market leader lets not talk about it very much! Because its not a big player it’s “name should not even be mentioned”

      What planet are you on?

  • Wp7 has failed.
    Even Samsung Bada Outsells wp7

    Start sue the world.

    • Oh look you are here saying what you always say. You are soooo boring.

      • Wp7 is so very boooooring. No games and no apps

  • Diego!

    As an Android user, I decided to go for it and give it a try. It’s simply amazing! It worked pretty fast in my Samsung Galaxy S, and although I loved WP7, it’s a pitty that in my country there’s only one phone available with that OS: LG Optimus 7.
    I was told by a member stuff of my Carrier that they are going to offer the new Nokia WP7 devices pretty soon. We’ll see what happens. On the other hand, Nokia N9 was just released last week here in Argentina.

    I want Samsung to bring the Focus S to my country! XD


    • I have a HTC Trophy, and the phone is the most boooooring phone ever.

  • Someone

    This demo did the opposite of convince me that I would want a phone with Windows Phone 7.

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