Siri competitor, Cluzee, launches on Android today

Apple is king when it comes to inventing what was already invented. With Siri, Apple changed the game when it comes to voice commands, with its emphasis on merging the iPhone with voice-controlled assistant services. This has spurred others like Microsoft and Google to make their own voice services better, which may take some time. However, lucky Android users don’t have to wait for some Siri-like love. A new third-party app called Cluzee hit the Android Market today that could represent Siri’s first real competition.

Cluzee offers Android users a service similar to Siri and includes some capabilities even more impressive than the Apple voice-controlled assistant. If you watch the video below, you’ll notice that Cluzee goes above and beyond when it comes to being a simple service that list events and read off your schedule. Instead, the app also includes really smart additions from a range of data it pulls from the web. So, if you’re trying to make your appointment on time, the app is capable of suggesting a route change due to a real-time traffic situation, like construction work or even potentially an accident (video shows construction as an example).

The voice assistant app can also search deals in-line with the user’s buying habits, read incoming e-mails and text messages aloud, research hotels and flights, find restaurants based on the a user’s tastes, convert voice to text to send emails or SMS, and more. This thing sounds impressive, but available commands are far more narrow Siri.

That said, checkout how this app operates in the video below, or get downloading in the Android Market to give it a shot. Be warned, there are currently 133 1-star ratings out of a total of 241, so Cluzee may have some improvements to make.

[via BGR]


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