Australian judge lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab ban

Samsung’s legal team in Australia is celebrating a small, but decisive victory today. The High Court lifted a ban on the sale of the Galaxy Tab, just in time for Samsung to capture the last few weeks of the holiday shopping season.

In October, an Australian judge granted Apple an injunction that banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab, but the High Court overturned that ruling last week. Apple appealed the decision and argued this past week for a reinstatement. A spokeswoman for the High Court told the Wall Street Journal that, “Apple’s application for special leave to appeal was dismissed with costs.”

This ruling lets Samsung finally sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia. We don’t know when the tablet will launch, but it should be soon. Perhaps as soon as this upcoming weekend.

[Wall Street Journal]

  • Drew Nusser

    Awesome!  It never should have been banned in the first place.  I hope Apple is forced to pay some damages because of their questionable tactics in how they handled the case.

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