HTC Desire HD gets Android 2.3.5 update with HTC Sense 3.0

HTC Desire HD gets Android 2.3.5 update with HTC Sense 3.0

HTC Desire HD, which is still pretty solid device even by today’s standards, is apparently getting the Android 2.3.5 update along with the new version (3.0) of the HTC Sense UI. Unfortunately, we can’t quote HTC’s officials cause they’re quietly rolling out the new software — rather, we caught reports from several users throughout the web saying their beloved 4.3-inch smartphone got the goodies. If you happen to be one of the folks with the Desire HD, we’re eager to hear your thoughts – is your device acting faster, what are the new features, what about the bugs – are they fixed, and so on. Drop any two cents you may have in the comments form below.

As a reminder, the HTC Desire HD comes with a single-core 1GHz processor, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, mentioned 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, GPS, Bluetooth and a memory card slot.

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  • bram

    I’ve got it, its the new sense lock screen, also messages and other lists look a bit different, and there’s a few (positive) changes made to the music player, which is now also able to provide srs surround on bt headsets. there’s a new task manager in the quick settings in the pull down notifications, which allows you to view and kill running apps… all in all quite nice 🙂

    • bram

      also bluetooth 3.0 is part of the update and a new market for apps

  • Bubbles

    Came through this morning, new screen backgrounds, better rolling scroll,  without having to go back and forward on the main screen, still noseying round, weather application is updated with great animations and sounds, seems a wee bit faster to me as well.  I thought it was ice cream sandwich, but, one step at a time.  Calender is updated and has more features added.  V pleased so far.  🙂

  • Yash Gadiya

    I have a DHD running on 2.3.3. But my phone still says its on the latest version. Any idea what’s wrong? And do the update releases differ depending on your location?

    • Jgmoz93

      Im waiting aswell

  • Lord_fane2003

    Just updated today my Desire HD to 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0! It works smoothly and i love the new HTC sense look. Till now it seems it works faster, messaging looks better, bugs fixed on the camera but i,m still testing!

  • R_F

    After upgrading my Desire HD to the 2.3.5/3.0 my phone cannot connect to the internet anymore. The WiFi still works, when available, but the mobile data connection is not there.

    I have no icons telling me if 3G, H or whatever and no connection whatsoever. In settings everything is set correctly and I tried rebooting numerous times.
    I’ll have to go to a shop tomorrow. Anyone had the same problem? Anyone has a fix for it? 

    • Dave

      I have the same problem. My phone won’t connect to the 3G/H/G network either. I’m seriously bummed out right now.

      • /Anders

        I have a similar problem. The internet browser is not working. However there are no problems by updating Facebook and G+ stream and I do receive mails.

        • quest

          Same problem here. Manually installed the update on my Desire HD. After that no internetconnection and GPS.

          Vodafone Network

          • Scott

            go to menu -> settings -> wireless & networks -> mobile networks -> access point names -> press menu, then reset to default.  Now select Vodafone NL from the list and it should work.  


      I have the same problem on my DHD in The Netherland on Vodafone network.. No network connection, though wifi works fine when available. Very disturbing!!

    • Cristidoctorul

      Hi, I had the same problem. You will need to configure Mobile network settings again. Menu – Settings
      – Wireless & networks – Mobile Networks –
      Access Point Names. Ask you provider what you should put there. cheers. Cristi

    • marycub

      Same problem….

  • Ilelarusta

    Got the upgrade 2.3.5/3.0 to my HTC Desire HD . After upgrade Car panel ceased to work. The icon is still there but cannot be activated.
    Any clue how to get it back?
    Anyway I am missing release notes along with the upgrade. I don’t like the get an upgrade without knowing the contents.

  • Mr X

    Hi All,

    My HTC Desire HD phone was just updated today by manually searching for updates, which provided the Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0.

    Unfortunately my phone now reboot / restart every approx. 5 minutes – without I am touching it… and this major bug I have no idea how to solve…

    I tried to remove the battery + SIM-card + SD-card for 5-10 minutes – but that did not make any difference at all – same problem still exist.

    So I am about to reset to factory defaults – which I hope will solve the problem… but first I would like to make some kind of a backup of all my data… but it is hard to manage as the phone reboot every 5 minutes… so not much I can get done within this time.

    I am thinking if I can format / delete all files on my phone (I don’t know how to) – and then download a clean install of the Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0 somewhere?

    Also what will happen to the apps I payed for – will I be able to download these for free or do I need to pay again?

    If it is not possible to format / delete the phone and SD-card for a flush back to a clean install from scratch, what is then the next best thing I can do, as I have a bad feeling that if I don’t delete all old files etc. and start from scratch again… then the bug might still exist… and if I perform a data backup and restore that later, then I also have a bad feeling that I will transfer the bug back to the phone again…?!

    I have no clue why the phone reboot – seem to be a VERY serious bug that should have been caught before the release of the new Android / Sense version…?!!

    Kind regards

    • Poochalondon

      I have exactly the same problem with the reboot on Vodafone UK which is really frustrating as the update looks nice. I have a lot of apps on my phone and noticed that the update is removing some like Swiftkey X I’ll give it some time to see if HTC sync can sort it out otherwise its a reboot

      • Poochalondon

        Okay I thought I’d update you as I have fixed my issue and now the phone works and Sense 3.0 looks amazing! I called HTC in the UK at about 8pm last night and was surprised somebody answered they told me that it sounds like an application   conflict that was causing the phone to constantly reboot… note I have over 400 applications on my phone. 

        I took a note of all of my favourite aps on the home screens and completely reset the phone and formatted the 32GB flash card. I then updated and the market automatically reinstalled all most of my apps and Google automatically reinstalled all my contacts.

        There are a lot of changes with this update. Sense looks amazing but there are also changes to the marketing, messaging, people and other applications as well as changes to the fonts and interfaces. 

        It all works very fast and smoothly now and looks extremely impressive. If you are going to update and you have a lot of apps I’d recommend that you update from fresh as I will my wifes tonight as the new look is far better. 

    • Pockone

      Same problem. Can anyone solve this problem? Phone reboot automatically every 5 minutes, now the phone was unusable. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Pockone

        Without SD card, my phone works normaly. I fix the memory card. With PC (or MAC) use card reader and file manager, delete all cache files and android applications found on “.android_secure” hiddenfolder. Move contained .asec  files to PC (or MAC). After this method, put card back to phone and now phone works fine. (without applications).
        The fastest solution to find wrong app. Copy back half of .asec files to “.android_secure” folder. After put back card to the phone, if works repeat this step.
        Example: 100 .asec file in .android_secure folder. First step: copy back to the card the first 50 file (1-50 files) . If work fine copy the half of remained files ( 51 – 75) and test.
        This method help me to fix my phone without factory reset and my apps & phone works fine.

        Sense ui 3.0 are pretty nice.

        Sorry for any english language mistakes.

        • Tarotray

          @5986f276001927ee56ca19b746f43f67:disqus : thanks a lot for the advice. I followed what you said, but I find that it isn’t any specific application, but the number of them that causes the problem. I had 158 .asec files, but any more than about 90-100 makes the reboot issue start again. I now have about 90 and it seems to be quite stable again. But that means that 68 apps don’t work any more! 🙁
          I’m definitely starting to think that it is an issue of resources. I think that the upgrade version doesn’t handle resources quite as well and at a certain level, it just gives up and reboots. Is this possible? There are some other seemingly random effects that make me think this. After all it is definitely much slower than before!

          • Tarotray

            I just reduced the number of .asec files on my SD card, again and noticed that the CPU usage is almost always 99% or 100%, always. Before the upgrade, it would definitely go down considerably after a minute or two after rebooting. I ntocie that when the user CPU suage drops, the system usage goes up, to keep it at 99% or 100%.
            So, my conclusion is that this is an Android or HTC Sense bug that causes excessive CPU use. The only reason that it works fine without the SD card or with the number of apps on it reduced is that it can then manage the excessive CPU usage better.
            I’ll keep reporting back, as I discover more.

    • Henrique Menezes do Carmo

      I’m having the same problem after updating last night, December 15th, here in Brazil.

      I spent the whole night DHD restarting until the middle of calls …

      I saw the comments that the problem may be one of my applications (and indeed many have), but even before upgrading my DHD was working perfectly!

      But restarting it every five minutes, it is difficult to make any backup …

      I sent an email to the international support from HTC explaining misfortune. Now just wait and see what they will respond.

      I discovered a forum after disconnecting it, hold the volume down button and press to turn on, it goes into update mode. I’ll try to update it again with the same file downloaded automatically yesterday (if it has not been automatically deleted).

      Any news I post here again.

      And if someone finds a way to solve this problem, please post here too!

      • Tarotray

        Any solutions yet? I don’t feel like doing a factory reset, if I can avoid it, but my phone is trash, right now, since the upgrade 🙁

  • Matthew Tang

    I still have not gotten the update… 🙁

    • Gethys

      no big loss, it screwed up my phone, I recommend NOT downloading it!

  • Soeren

    I’ve upgraded to 2.3.5/3.0.

    Now i’m unlocing my phone on power button, my goodness, after that i have to unlock through the ring geatured new bloody thing. After that (2 unlocks) i’m ready to perform my safety linear code thing to actually open up for the safety.
    How do i get rid of that annoying and meaningless ring-thingy????

    • Lion9heart

      well , it used to be the same way, exept that there was a sliding down thingy , now it’s  a ring thingy !!!

  • WenGeo

    My update came through automatically. On Vodafone Contract. All went very well. New interface is definately faster and so far seems to have sorted out bugs I had before.

    A lot of the Apps needed updating which I assume is because it detected the newer OS and HTC Sense.

    All I can say is that you are having problems it is either because you went for the manual upgrade, which is not recommended or your Phone provider have messed up a bit.

    I read that to fit into the phone’s capaicity that a number of built in Apps from before did have to be removed and that phone providers that customise the OS are pushing out when they are comfortable with the modifications they have made.

    As far as losing paid for Apps you will always have them available as with the Free ones you downloaded providing you use the same ID with the market as you did before, which will normally be the google email you used in the first set up.

    Great upgrade as far as I am concerned but as always, time will tell.

    • Karim Ayman Riesco

      So now, that the upgrade took place and its a fact on my phone, with the issue of constant rebooting every few minutes and I’ve tried to remove some apps which I felt they were part of the problem! I am not even able to uninstall them, it keeps loading there! do you have any recommendations!?

  • Jorge

    My HTC Desire HD phone was just updated today by automatic searching for updates, which provided the Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0.
    Great upgrade.

  • Dimitris

    Hi, my DHD was updated yesterday here in Greece. It didn;t do it automatically. I woke up in the morning & my DHD was crashing for some unknown reason. Then, I tried to do the update & saw that there was an update available which I did  & works excellent so far.

  • Lion9heart

    I have two devices of DHD , one that I flashed a custom ROM on to get the 2.3.5 and the sense 3.0 , and the other device I got the normal Update .
    now both devices have the new 2.3.5 and sense 3.0 , and they both are having the same problems :
    – some times when I receive a call and I wont to put the red icon into the ring to reject the call , the phone screen freezes and the ringing go on for two-three minuets .
    – when I plug a USB cable to use the internet pass-through , every two minuets or so the prompt for choosing the type of connection appears with the internet disconnecting .. 
    can any body give me a solution for these

    • MartinZ

      I have the same problem with freezing when rejecting a call. Have you solved your issue?

      • Mumbly

        I have the same problem EITHER receiving or rejecting a call! Any ideas?

      • Joost

        Same problem, phone keeps freezing. @HTC @Android: PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • Marino

    I have DHD and have problem with Phonebook, I have 1000+ contacts in phonebook, when upgraded I can’t reach names, I see 99% numbers. When somebody calling I don’t see name immediately, only after few seconds. When search I can’t fast search by last name or even I know last digits… can anyone help?

  • SMistry84

    Hi, I’m a Desire HD user in England, branded on Orange. I just did a software upgrade search on my phone and nothing has come up!! Is this because it is branded on Orange?! Or is branded at all?! Someone please help – I am looking forward to having the update! x

  • After the update my phone ran very slow and kept rebooting over and over again. I had to factory-reset my phone and now it works fine. However 70% of my RAM memory is occupied and I can’t empty it… don’t know what is it that does that…

    • Tarotray

      Same problem here. Desire HD. Constant reboots, slow, lots of RAM in use from startup.
      I hope I don’t have to do factory reset. Could you get your old setting back by syncing it?

  • marycub

    I updated my DHD yesterday, everything is fine apart from I can’t seem to connect to the 3G/4G/H etc. My phone connects to wifi no problem tho. Really weird 🙁 have contacted htc for help today, waiting for a response.

  • Kevinx

    Surprise, Surprise, I received this update this morning (01:15GMT). Didn’t even know it was being released, so nice surprise.
    What’s different?? Font seems different, and cleaner/clearer. Different unlock screen (with the draggable circle).SEEMS a little faster?? Ability to take a screen shot (Power+Home keys). switching between screens has a more 3D visual.
    Yep, I like it. Very nice. Thanks HTC  🙂

  • eliz

    Hi, got update today, regretting it now as my DHD is nolonger working properly. It keeps turning itself off and restarting every 5-10 minutes. Also it is painstakingly slow. Any ideas how to sort this out and get functionality back again?

    • BerkSarac

      Hi all, I faced same problem after update (2.3.5) after than I tried everything and at the end I solved the problem without factory reset etc. 

      I think new update needs more memory (SD Card + Internal). Also, gallery system/interface has been changed, in my opinion problem sourced from there. If you have too many photo and video probably you will encounter system failure/restart.

      I uninstall some applications which are installed to phone memory (I have 531 Mb empty area now) after than I deleted gallery files completely (after backup) on SD card (I have 2gb more empty area on my SD card now).

      I solved problem with this way, I hope it’s helpful for other HTC Desire HD users.

      • Tarotray

        I am just as angry as everyone else that HTC have upgraded my HDH with Android 2.3.5 that has NOT been tested properly and has caused such terrible problems for me and so many others.

        To ‘solve’ it without factory reset, remove the SD card and back it up. It should work normally without the card, but, of course, without the apps on the card.

        Remove many of the files in the (hidden) android_secure directory and replace it in the phone. Now it will work – but without those apps that have been removed.

        Then (very time-consuming, this) start putting the most important apps back, until you hit the point of failure again. At this point, remove a few more, until it works normally, again. Some apps are gone, but at least the phone works.

        Well, that has been my solution, for what it’s worth. But, HTC/Android, how dare you do this to us? As a software developer, I can say with confidence that releasing software without sufficient testing, so that client’s have a broken product, especially when it is not reversible, is an absolute NO-NO.

        So we are all fully entitled to be very angry with this.

        • Tarotray

          I forgot to say that you must manipulate the files on the card, using a card reader and a PC.

  • Sureshvkaushik

    Upgraded my Desire HD yesterday (20th Dec) in India…setting..about phone….software upgrades….check now. It is now with 2.3.5 and sense 3.0. Working fine till now and has become faster.

    • Sidhu

       Hey u really got or what…I am also from india and i didnt gt update for my DHD till now

      • Anujshrivastava

        Hi I am also from Mumbai, India and didnot received any update for my DHD.Spoke to HTC customer care today and they have confirmed that no official android 2.3.5 is available for India for DHD. is only for Desire S…. strange.

        • Sahilpandita09

          Guys most likely his DHD will be a UK one which has received update.
          HTC releases updates on IMEI basis.India has not yet received any update but most likely it will be in 1 or 2 weeks.Stay tuned 🙂

  • Sureshvkaushik

    Upgraded my Desire HD yesterday (20th Dec) in India…setting..about phone….software upgrades….check now. It is now with 2.3.5 and sense 3.0. Working fine till now and has become faster.

  • bluedot

    Aww men, no update for me yet. 🙁 Is it dependent on which country you are in?

  • Emma

    Got the upgrade this morning and all seems to be working fine apart from the all apps button on the home screen seems to have stop working, anyone else having that issue?  

  • Umair Hassan

    Got Update in Pakistan at 22 dec 2011

  • Ahabib

    Go the update on 21/12/2011 in Egypt, feel like I bought new phone, the basic remain unchanged but the update full of motion and better fonts, weather page changed, the best thing changed it’s the lock screen, this is my second HTC set and it’s really fast and solid.

  • Ahabib

    Go the update on 21/12/2011 in Egypt, feel like I bought new phone, the basic remain unchanged but the update full of motion and better fonts, weather page changed, the best thing changed it’s the lock screen, this is my second HTC set and it’s really fast and solid.

  • Baz

    I have got a unlocked Orange DHD (in the UK) and still havent got the update yet, I have tried doing the manual search for update thing but to no avail. Has anyone got this problem.

  • shakedown

    arrived OTA on Voda UK overnight Dec 22/23 ….

    unlock screen is new , fonts are new , Locations needs a big update afterwards and now wroks correctly ( mine always thought it was in Taiwan) . Market is different too …

    Anyone seen any release notes ? Has anything changed under the hood ?

  • desire hd

    since the update yesterday on desire hd, all I`m getting is htc sense not working issue and asks for force close, everytime i force close same message appears immediately. i cant access the menu. ive already factory reset the phone still same problem… please help.

  • Anujshrivastava

    Still no update on my unlocked DHD in India..  its surprising that people are getting update on DHD in India while HTC confirmed that no update rolling out for DHD in India.

    • Saravanan

      Hi, I got the update 2.3.5 sense 3.0 for my DHD in Chennai, India. It’s nice to have a new unlock screen, with most of the defects that I encountered were seem fixed. A good update.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine in the early hours of christmas day (around midnight or just after), UK sim free (although my mom’s carrier branded one got the update at the same time). No bugs yet, but in the first 30mins to an hour after the update I got a LOT of force closes of different apps. Also, i just noticed the camera image count is reset and the save folder’s been changed. I’m currently trying to figure out how to change the save folder and the count.

  • Barbiyoo


    I received it on Wednesday 21 December and since then my phone has been almost totally useless!

    It powers off and restarts for no reason, and keeps twinkling its notification sound at me every few minutes!

    I went to Carphone Warehouse about it and  they advised me to go to a geek shop to have the phone checked out, but of course, it’s Christmas, so I’m desperately copying as much data as possible to the SD card (in the few moments I get before the thing just cuts out on me), so that I can at least transfer that data to my Mac until I know how to fix the phone!

    I haven’t yet tried a factory reset, because I’d really like to back up all my apps, (and there are many!) before I make the ultimate sacrifice….

    This is EXTREMELY scary, and I am not in the least impressed!!!

    Is the Android SO jealous of the iPhone that it is willing to throw half-baked software at its supporters in an attempt to gain some dubious momentum?

    I am a MacWoman, but I was excited by the Android, and totally willing to run with the concept, but to be completely honest, after having committed to an HTC Desire HD INSTEAD of an iPhone, AND a Motorola Xoom INSTEAD of an iPad, I’m feeling like I’ve been SERIOUSLY FLEECED!!!!




    • Anuj.

      Hello Barbiyoo,
      I am sorry to know that your DHD creating problem after getting latest update. I am not an expert but I have read some where in the forums that some people got their DHD working fine afer doing a factory reset. They were facing similar problems with their handset. You may also take a chance after taking backup of your data.. hope this will work for you.

    • Gethys

      I’m with you on this one…   …very frustrating, i want the old version back!  Can’t do anything.  Someone called me, it wouldn’t let me answer and just kept ringing and ringing and ringing for over 20 min yet i couldn’t restart it or anything.  Add that to all the random shut downs and all and my phone has become good for nothing.  I’m hoping they’ll roll out an update to correct the problems here really soon….

    • Karim Ayman Riesco

      Same issue here!!! it’s CRAZY!!! TOTALLY UNSTABLE!!!! and inconvenient….

    • Brenmartin

      The same here. Had a good collection of apps and go launcher for grouping my apps into folders. Now after this update the phone restarts every 5 minutes for no reason until all battery is drained. I’m in a limbo now. Couldn’t even back up the apps and data before a factory reset. 

      Won’t they test these upgrades properly by releasing a beta. Worst thing there is no way to uninstall the HTC sense 3.0 once its installed.

  • Barbiyoo

    Me again.

    I’ve had an HTC phone for the last seven years at least – Windows 5! I LOVE HTC!
    But I’ve had to put my old MDA Vario back into action because of this latest Android update!!! GGGGRRRRR!!!

  • SunnyBoy

    Got updates on my DHD which is on orange UK 9 hours back.  My phone is more smoother and many of my apps have been updated and every thing is working fine. No freezing ,no restarting no force closes. It takes much lesser time to re boot . Calls not getting cut and the new unlock screen is cool which gives an option to place ur most used apps on it by which u can use it from the unlock screen . A pleasant Christmas gift from HTC . m loving it !!!

  • Tarotray

    Whoa there, folks. I already gave the solution 4 days ago, in this thread, in reply to Pockone, who came up with the original solution.

    Remove the SD card and it’ll work – without the apps on the card. Using a card reader on a PC (or MAC), enter the hidden directory android_secure. Move most of the files to PC.

    Replace the card and see if it works now. Keep moving the .asec files across to the phone until it fails again. Remove one or two .asec files, until it works again without rebooting. Re-install the apps that are missing, from the market.

    It may not work for everyone, but it worked for me. Damn nuisance, but better than a factory reset.

  • Projectlumino

    I’m annoyed as since I updated my phone to Android 2.3.5 a few days ago whenever someone phones me it freezes and when I answer I get a message to force close. So I have to close it and then try to ring my friends again in which time they are also trying to ring me back as I had to hang up on them…and the other day a friend did a few rings to let me know they were outside and the phone carried on ringing ten minutes after she had hung up and only stopped when my phone went out of signal. I couldn’t do anything to the phone, I couldn’t even turn it off and at the time couldn’t get the battery out as it was dark.

    If there wasn’t that problem I’d be really happy with it.

    • Tarotray

      For this problem, you are entitled to complain to HTC and/or your mobile provider. Their product is now unusable, making it not fit for purpose, so they have to fix it for you.

  • rethsrhnsrhdrhbrsd drtbanntesd

    I updated my phone to 
    Android 2.3.5  on my HTC desire HD and it is like the coolest phone ever

  • Babs Chin

    After 2 calls to Orange, both interrupted by sudden phone-death, it was
    3rd time lucky by landline, with a very patient advisor babysitting me
    through the scary reset.

    I was amazed when it actually worked!! Things seemed exciting again with
    all the new bits & bobs, and without the SD card inserted….

    The nice lady told me to give it 24 hours before mounting the card.

    I gave it about an hour. I couldn’t wait…. so now when I go into
    Storage, it tells me how big my card is and how much space I have free,
    but I look at my apps list and all I see are the system apps and a few
    on internal that were updated just after brick came back to

    Maybe, Tarotray or ANYONE, can please walk me though THIS stretch of the adventure?

    Must I REALLY wipe the card and reinstall a hundred-and-something pieces of software?

  • Jasir Shareef

    Got the 2.3.5 update on DHD today. Seems to be working fine for now. Fingers crossed! Haven’t used it much other than a few calls in the morning. No complaints there!

  • Ben Joan

    Hi, I’m from India. using HTC Desire HD, Android Ver. 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1. I heard that HTC Sense 3.0 is available for Desire HD. My friend upgrade his HTC Desire S to android 2.3.5. I tried so much for upgrade my android version manually going to settings>about phone>software updates>check now, but it is not working. Anyone can help me to upgrade my phone.

    • Jasir Shareef

      I’m currently in India as well. I really don’t know why your DHD is not getting the update (if ‘getting’ is the right word!). My DHD is always connected to the web via Wifi, both at the office & at home. I’d tried manually checking for updates, just like you did, but didn’t bring up any. A system update just showed up on my phone in the morning, but I can’t say for sure if you’d be getting it the same way. 

    • Zulu2627

      Same Here..tried installing it OTA but after just 1%, it says download unsuccessful. This is a 224MB file. I tried it repeatedly using the WiFi network but no success.

  • Aryakabadi

    hi im from bangalore still have nt recived any update to my htc desire hd 🙁 

  • TarunUK

    Hello Guys, i just got a OTA update to HTC sense and since then my Mobile Data Network has stopped working … Anyone knows a fix to this problem ? I do not have WiFi but have unlimited data which was working perfectly well before this upgrade…

    • pr1nc3owns

       Ok just out of frustration, i was messin about wit th settings and found a solution.
      goto Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names> press menu and ‘RESET TO DEFAULT’ then choose ur operator i.e. O2 Post PAY or O2 PAY AS YOU GO. worked for me, hope it helps. 🙂

  • Talked to HTC support and got a solution for the missing Car Panel app…

  • Talked to HTC support and got a solution for the missing Car Panel app…

  • Pr1nc3owns

    HTC desire HD

    O2 UK

    Upgraded to android 2.3.5 alongside HTC sense 3.0 yesterday

    And I feel like carrying a brick coz ma unlimited network data is not working anymore

    Extremely disappointed

    Need a solution.

  • Winston

    My DHD is SIM free and I’m using it on Orange UK. I got the update yesterday and have been carefully testing it ever since. The update did take a while, after the main firmware update I got notifications of app updates, so it was a while before the phone settled. As pert of the update it did mention my no data would be lost and I found this to be the case, although some icon where missing but I think that was due to the updated apps.

    The phone appears to be much quicker than before – without doubt – and now has the look and feel of the Sensation. I had previously evaluated the Sensation at its launch in the UK and had attributed it’s quick reponse to the the dual-core processor, but I now how it’s the firmware/UI.

    No faults as yet phone functioning beautifully.

  • Rkingsley22

    Got thew update two days ago and my data connection and GPS are no longer working……have not had an opportunity to follow up on this yest but any help would be appreciated.

    • pr1nc3owns

      Ok just out of frustration, i was messin about wit th settings and found a solution.
      Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point
      Names> press menu and ‘RESET TO DEFAULT’ then choose ur operator i.e.
      O2 Post PAY or O2 PAY AS YOU GO. worked for me, hope it helps. 🙂 

      GPS: goto Settings>Location>Reinstall

      it will work fine. 🙂

    • pr1nc3owns

      Ok just out of frustration, i was messin about wit th settings and found a solution.
      Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point
      Names> press menu and ‘RESET TO DEFAULT’ then choose ur operator i.e.
      O2 Post PAY or O2 PAY AS YOU GO. worked for me, hope it helps. 🙂 

      GPS: goto Settings>Location>Reinstall

      it will work fine. 🙂

    • enyaps

      Thanks, this worked for getting my 3G back!

      • rikka

        And my mobile internet is also working now (didn’t work after the upgrade). Thanks! 🙂

        • nolocks

          this man is a genious and this update was pure kak…why sort something that aint broken?

  • Rkingsley22

    ….and help with my shocking typing too!

  • pr1nc3owns

    Ok just out of frustration, i was messin about wit th settings and found a solution.
    Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point
    Names> press menu and ‘RESET TO DEFAULT’ then choose ur operator i.e.
    O2 Post PAY or O2 PAY AS YOU GO. worked for me, hope it helps. 🙂 

    GPS: goto Settings>Location>Reinstall

    it will work fine. 🙂

    • Rkingsley22

      Yes this worked for me too…..on my HTC desire HD with O2. Strangely O2 did not know how to put it right and infect did not realise that this version of Android had been released.

    • Samster

      Thank you sooo much! Downloaded the update last night and as you all said no mobile network 🙁 really didn’t want to phone O2 as know they are useless! You method worked brilliantly! Glad I found it! Thank you  🙂

    • Olliereynolds

      your the man, this seems to have worked really well , thank you

  • Sam

    Just downloaded Android version 2.3.5 HTC Sense version 3 Software Number 3.12.405.1 on Orange contract in U.K and everything is running great.No issues or problems with anything. Looks damn cool, thanks HTC!!!!!

    • Andy

      Hi Sam,
      Did you do the upgrade manually or did you get it automatically?
      Reason I’m asking is I’m on an Orange contract and I still haven’t received the upgrade.


      • Anita183

        i am on orange and i cant upgrade how do you do it?

  • gaz

    Ive also just downloaded 2.3.5 and i dont like the new text layout, while im in a convesation in text! when i send a text it jump back to the start of the convesation then i have to come out and go back in again this can be very annoying, can anyone help me with this prob? i want to go back to the last version, thanks

    • Tarotray

      yeh. download Handcent SMS (free app). It truly rocks.

  • apeman

    Overall, the 2.3.5 upgrade is quite an improvement, though the additional animations that can’t be disabled mean battery life is reduced, at least in my experience. My only niggle is the weather display on the home screen now doesn’t show the region you are in, only ‘United Kingdom’, and it doesn’t update when you move from region to region. Don’t know if there’s a solution to this, or if it’s a firmware bug.

  • JR

    Well… this update wasn’t any success for sure. The phone app is crashing and rebooting every now and then, so does the main GUI (“Desktop”). When I return to the main screen it shows some generic screen and after a while it reverts to my custom localized settings after some kind of “reboot lite” procedure.

    The calendar is now adding items to Google calendar instead of the calendar that usually syncs with the PC. It took me some weeks for me to figure out that this was a fact and now I have to go back and set added items to the calendar I really want to use. Luckily not that many calendar items but enough to make me mad.

    Reboots now take eons of time compared to previous boots. It nearly looks like the phone has crashed during startup and is in a “loop until Ragnarök” with the green HTC logo showing on white background. Such things gives me chills since the phone is a necessary tool both at work and in my private life.

    The newly added spinning screen when unlocking the DHD (or “waking it up”) is just purely annoying after the third time it’s shown. What happened to the HTML blink tag after it had been abused in web design for a while in the 90’s?! Well, users got crazy watching it… same goes with the “HTC Blink”… User value is about as low as todays outside temperature which is roughly -5 centigrade… Only someone with a caveman intellect finds that funny to watch after unlocking the device 250 times.

    I’m just eagerly waiting for the next HTC update with value adding features such as “text message loop until phone bill is too long to print” and “stuck in phone call to remote expensive destination at high rate price list without user knowing it” and many more…

    All in all… it’s time that HTC (and all other that release stuff on the Android platform) realize that the kindergarten era has come to an end. You can’t just release new features without properly telling the user about them (other than perhaps with a cryptic “readme” message that no one actually reads) or… releasing something without proper testing. When this new release hit the ground I observed many DHD users having problems just answering the phone properly as they didn’t know about the feature of dragging the “ring” to the proper icon on the HTC desktop. Adding the fact that they were in important meetings where phone signals are strictly hated, it just added to the stress of it all. Totally non user friendly.

    I’ve got a WP7.x device on the desk waiting… I might give that phone a go now until the expected fix update for the DHD from HTC is released. I really expect one to come soon!!

    • Adam

      Spot on! Terrible “update”

  • Sweet_salehah

    i have the DHD on orange, still havent got android 2.3.5 update 🙁 any ideas yy?

  • Allymad93

    same orange and not got it im dieing for it as my htc keeps restarting as iof software some times is annoyinh tried resting

  • Htk

    the new upgrade has really messed my phone up so really need to know how to get rid of it or swap it back for the old one.. got an htc desire hd

  • Red

    I like the Android 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3.0 on the HTC Desire HD.  Its much quicker than before, the message functionality has changed, the lock screen has changed – pretty cool.  Also too I believe that the camera and picture viewing facility has received some enhancements.  I only just installed it but I think its awesome!

  • Tiger

    The new 2.3.5 with HTC sense 3.0 is just a great experience.Its working faster and has many new features which like new face of market that is more interesting and catchy than before but the menu is not appreciated,previous version had a better menu.

  • Weedinnam

    Great update…. i cant receive or make calls!

  • Weedinnam

    Great update…. i cant receive or make calls!

  • lilmizchris

    This update is terrible. I’m not sure what happened, but my phone is now incredibly slow, and the battery life has decreased significantly. It lasts about 6 hours now, mostly on standby.
    It has created duplicates of my messages, sometimes quadruplicates, and each contact entry now has the same ‘phone entry’ about 15 times.

    When I open my messages, it doesn’t even show them or the contact images for at least 30 seconds and sometimes my contacts won’t open for almost one minutes.

    Anyone know if I can restore to the previous version? I used to love my phone, and now I’m ready to throw it at a while every couple of minutes.

    • Tarotray

      You can’t downgrade! Welcome to the very angry crowd here. I got my phone running again, finally, but only by removing some apps and wasting a lot of hours over a period of a couple of days. Right now, I’m scared to reboot it, because it may go on that dreadful  rebooting cycle again and I’ll have to spend another 1/2 hour to make it work again.

  • Gokarapusanthosh

    music player an animation

  • Gokarapusanthosh

    horzontal there is no anmition on music player old version is very good

  • Phaneesh Kailas

    Boy, what a crap software update. My phone now take longer to boot, cant receive or cancel incoming calls, on cancelling an incoming call the phone just stops working and hangs but keeps ringing until you remove the battery, call history is out of sync but now recording all the incoming calls, the phone restarts for now reason and what’s with the lockscreen without the flexibility.
    It’s very immature of HTC to release the update without testing.
    Fix it HTC! NOW

    • Megan

      I just updated my HTC Desire to the new software today, and am having this same problem with incoming calls – the phone keeps ringing and ringing, essentially frozen. I used to be able to silence it by pressing the volume down button, but this is no longer working. Extremely annoying!  Have you found a solution to this problem??

  • Piksta

    Updated to new version and like everyone it was constantly rebooting and RAM was going haywire, after careful research i discovered that FACTORY RESET was the only option, and it now works 100% fine for me ever since then, lost alot of paid apps, bur backed up my media files before reset so no real loss, but my old apps could also be root of the problem also, now im having to reinstall all my free and paid apps again and slowly rebuilding my set up from scratch. Phone does seen alot faster though i must admit, much better than old sense. (even though i prefer using a launcher like GO EX. Hope this helps.

    ps. dont forget to format your SD card before using again.

  • Yusufkhan

    mine always turns itself off never stays on firstly started with location app spontaneously coming while am on other apps and then it just got worse from there where it never stays on unless its on charge, already did factory data reset but still no luck. but i will do it again with hope it might fix itself, give us a better update HTC and fix the bugs!!

  • Stuartwilson8

    I have an HTC Desire HD.  Updated to 2.3.5 about a week ago.  At first, very happy with the new look and feel but then the problems started.  The main one is battery life.  When I first got my HTC it was a nightmare – my first proper smartphone and I had no idea battery life was so poor!  But gradually, I learned how to sort it.  Finally got it working properly and could easily go 2-3 days between charges on ‘normal’ use.

    This update has destroyed all that.  Battery life is now terrible.  This morning it got through 10% battery life in 10 minutes and I only looked at one web page!  It may also be a total coincidence but my HTC battery has now died.  Will not charge.  Fortunately, back in the early days of having my HTC I was so paranoid about battery usage that I bought a spare (not HTC but equivalent) to take around with me.  I haven’t used it in months since sorting my original battery problems.  But within days of upgrading my HTC battery is no more.  Thank goodness I had a spare or else I would be phone-less.

    Is factory reset the answer?  Anyone else tried that and found it to work?  Sounds like a real hassle going back to ‘square 1’ and having to start again with the phone but I don’t think I can stand having it like this.

  • Kevinx

    WOW “2-3 days on “normal” use!! Has anyone else had this luxury, of 2-3 DAYS??
    My DHD (with Vodagroan, but unbranded) lasts about 6 hours with “normal” use (E-mail hourly, text, Twitter, calls and text). If I then start to take photos, plays short YouTube clips, then use is depleted significantly. NO WAY would it ever last longer than a day. 
    So, oes anyone else have this luxury of “normal use” being measured in days, as opposed to “parts of a day”/hours??
    Oh, this is BEFORE the recent update.
    My only REAL observations, since updating to 235, is that on occasions it seems to reload “Sense”.
    No big issue, although a little annoying.


    • Stuartwilson8

      I was having to recharge every day (wouldn’t even last a working day) UNTIL I discovered an amazing App called 2x battery.  Finally a ‘battery saving app’ that actually worked!  I was on holiday last year and had my phone switched on but wasn’t using it (and also in a poor 3G area so not much syncing going on) and my record was just short of 90 hours before having to recharge!

      That has all changed now with 2.3.5.  I am back to having to charge daily and not getting through even a working day on one charge unless I don’t actually use my phone.  I wish I had never updated, it is a nightmare.  I just hope HTC provide another update soon that is better.

  • Nikitasachar

    Its been a week since my phone was updated and it has slowed down my phone so much that even sending a text has become a nightmare. The unlocking itself takes so much time and in between the phone re-boots itself. It is the worst software update if using the normal features of the phone is going to get so difficult.

    • Dj_lethal85

      same here!!

  • aqeel


  • The only happy DHD customer

    Think I’m the only one with a positive thing to say about this update. This might however be because it’s on a brand new phone!! I lost my old one before christmas so got a replacement through the insurance 2 weeks ago and the difference is amazing!! The battery will easily last more than a day with heavy use (hours of music, playing games, internet through wifi), everything is so much more responsive, *touch wood* nothing has forced close as of yet. I love the new lock screen with shortcuts on, and the annimation once it has unlocked. All in all I think it is superb 😀

    • The only happy DHD customer

      Just realised you can do screen captures aswel 😀 (power button and home if anyone didn’t know already)

    • Lord_fane2003

      Mine works also fine! And i have the upgrade since November!

  • Prem Anand

    I have installed the 2.3.5 and honestly I can see the improvements in the performance. Thanks to the Android Revolution HD ROM.. This works like a charm!!!

  • Frustrated with update

    I just got my update on (Vodafone) but over the last few days my phone seems to have developed a wifi problem.  It is struggling to pick up previously strong wifi signals, and when it does manage to establish a connection it drops in and out.  It’s extremely frustrating.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems?  Does anyone have a solution?  Is it possible to return to the previous version of Android for the HTC Desire HD, and if so, how do I do it?

  • Dj_lethal85

    My phone has gotten extremely slow after installing the new update. My mp3 playing isnt smooth – it distorts and skips. I cant connect to wifi properly. 

    Everything has slowed down! the phone is very laggy. This is annoying! 

  • me too! after updating to 2.3.5 my great working Desire HD got terribly slow, hanging all the time, rebooting, difficulty picking up WIFI, calls interrupted, etc. Basically, too frustrating to use anymore. Aaargh! …… Changed overnight from a very happy HTC customer into a frustrated one. 

    But what to do???? I am no techie at all and have read about resetting, but dread that a bit. Also, dont really understand what I need to do to ensure I dont loose my apps, contacts and all the information I have stored on it……. (I have done an online back-up of my contacts, but havent used that ever, you know old skool scepticism).Is it not expected that an update that is fixing this is coming anytime soon? What is the HTC response to all this? They must be looking into this with soo many unhappy customers.

    thnks in advance for your help!

    • Gumgum923

      Me2, my HTC HD is very slow under 2.3.5, always crash, so sad

    • Gumgum923

      Me2, my HTC HD is very slow under 2.3.5, always crash, so sad

    • Zenia S

      i have the same problem too, my phone becomes incredibily slow and most of the time it hangs and restart itself. i also observed that my battery drains faster and it also gives me a message which says ‘my phone is drawing more current than my power adaptor can supply” wat crap is this? i wan the previous os back!

  • Tim

    So disappointed with this so called ‘update’… phone is just buggy and shit… going to have to do something about it – used to really like the phones interface however now its crap.
    Also lost all the skin options – now have a whole 1 style??

  • David Legassick

    Updated my phone as soon as I saw the update.  Loved it at first but then realised that my 3G was gone and when I answer a call when the phone is locked then 50% of the time it will crash when I try to answer it.  This means the call rings off then the phone app crashes, the mobile signal dies and I have to wait 10 seconds before the signal comes back and then the call hasn’t been logged at all.

    Also my wife has the same phone and has had totally different issues but no where near as bad as mine.

    What the hell is going on with this?  Sort it out Android, I’ve firmly believed you’re better than Apple but this is a major let down!

  • Akhilesh

    I am just downloading my update… got today… very excited..dint believe it would come so early on desire HD considering lots of new models have released post desire HD. Still HD is one of the most amazing phones…..

  • Marawarren

    I have updated mine and it won’t answer calls when it is locked. It just comes up with an error message saying to Force Close. The signal then goes for about a minute before I have to call everyone back. The 3G won’t load either so can only use the internet on wireless. To top it all my alarm keeps switching itself onto snooze as it won’t ring out loud and this is my only means to get up for work! How long until a new version comes out because its a bit useless to me as a phone at the moment!

    • Pod_power

      I update this a couple of weeks ago but just got asked to update my desire s again today. Is this another update to fix the shit last one? my phone has been a nightmare ever since the update 2 weeks ago

  • I got the update and everything is working fine. I have had no issues with any of the apps or services on the phone.

    the only gripe I have is that the Fonts on certains applications have become too big, almost like the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI, which is good if I have a Windows phone. The fonts on the calculator are too big and are only visible about 80%. The fonts on HTC mail app have become too big(only the heading denoting the email account).

    I am not sure whether HTC has optimized the fonts to the resolution of the DHD.

    Apart from that the App screen look really ba. It used to display 5 rows of apps before the update and now only displays 4 with a heading at the top showing whether its the “All Apps”, “Downloaded” “Frequent” which again have a dedicated button at the bottom.

    Hope HTC fixes this UI resolution issues soon with a new update.

    PS: Loving the new lock screen. Hate the animation when screen is locked. Novelty value wanes very soon.

  • niraj kumar

    Hey Today morning i got my android updated to 2.3.5…..Currently in a downloading state. Will update about this frequently here and BTW thanks to this forum to let me know about the update.

  • Alok

    2 days back, I got my HTC desire HD upgrade to 2.3.5 with Sense 3. It was all hell after that. Can not lift a call when the phone is lock, it crashes saying… something failed. The signal will go away for at least 10-15 secs. Also if you reject any call when the ph is locked, it hangs again and the phone keeps ringing… what the hell is HTC thinking? don’t they do any basic testing. What will I do if I can not pick call also?

  • Chris E

    HTC Desire S on O2 contract. Following the update to Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 I got no data connection (only Wi-Fi).Solution seems to be: Go to Settings – Wireless & Networks – Mobile Networks – Access Point Names, then select the O2 services.

    The update seems to have totally cleared out this data. Hopefully all will work now!

    • Geraldine

      I’ve done this but internet still doen’t work. Under 02 mobile web, it says proxy->not set, port-> not set, server-> not set, MMSC-> not set, MMS Port-> not set->authentication type not set->. The other categories have been set.

      Any ideas how to fix this? I’m already in contact with HTC but no solutions yet.

  • Alix

    Ok, since this last update to version 2.3.5 I’m having loads of problems. First my phone kept crashing and rebooting every 2 minutes.I deleted all my apps and games and put them back on one by one (don’t tell you have much time that took me).
    So now I’ve tracked down where the problem comes from. All my games and apps are fine apart from on folder called “.android_secure”. It’s full of ASEC files. Problem is that it’s important files…

    I have wanted to avoid having to do a factory reset and format SD card but I don’t know what else to do now… 🙁

  • Rikkyshh

    Installed the new update, hated it as soon i played with it, the stupid lock screen takes random photos of my home screen, loading the internet takes FOREVER, crashes if i try minimize the internet, laggy, gallery is slow. everything is rubbish!!!! SCREW YOU ANDROID. im going back to apple!

  • Navneet

    Got HTC Desire HD upgraded to android 2.3.5 and Sense 3, after which the phone started restarting every two minutes. After removing SD card the phone worked fine.
    Had to do do factory reset and mount SD card again, now it has not restarted since 24 hours.

  • hitfan

    I just updated to Android 2.3.5 on my HTC Desire and I HATE the new changes.  Especially the animation that happens when I unlock the device.

    It’s an annoying animation.  You never see Apple force crap like that on their users.

    How the hell do I turn off the new animations?  I want to save battery life.

    • Ashley Pakula

       you can disable animations by “Menu->settings->Display->Animations->no animations.

      i personally love the changes. my GPS works now, there are slick graphics and unlike iphone i’m in complete control of my phone and how it operates.

  • Luckysevenfivehundred

    Thanks to 
    pr1nc3owns  for the advice. 
    I lost data connection and GPS after updating to Android 2.3.5 on my HTC Desire S a couple of weeks ago and it has been driving me mad. Thanks to you I now have it back. It really shouldn’t be Android customers who have to find and sort out all these problems! 
    Also, I really really dislike the new ‘ring’ unlock feature. Has anyone at Android actually tried to use it to turn off an alarm having just woken up!?!

  • Ravenskull666

    It now takes 40 seconds to switch the phone on. I tried debugging but no such luck. Every so ofter it will ask me to force close, and then never sends the error report. I don’t mind this so much, I just want my phone to switch on in less than 5 seconds like it always has!

  • HTC HD

    Few changes I would hope Android/Fix:
    – Get rid of the crazy ring to unlock
    – I cant seem to reject a call by sending an SMS which was available earlier through the Menu. This is a great feature and I wonder why they took it off
    – The contact search has a bug. it sometimes requires you to type the contact name in the order it was entered eg. You cannot search for ABC XYZ by typing just XYZ – it needs to be typed as ABC XYZ only
    – Battery life has reduced
    – Boot up is slow and for the first time since i got the phone ive had to do two force restarts

    • Abc

       Same here

    • Nglingching

      i also feel disappointed with this new version. the responding is poor until i need to try 2~4 times to unlock the ring… 

  • Fizzlememe

    I am so glad to read that i am not the only one that HATES the new update. Ever since i have updated my phone i am having random problems and my phone has slowed down a lot. I wish i could have the old update back 🙁 Thank HTC you’ve ruined my phone. 

  • Keith Shiping

    I updated (like and idiot) I was running SPB Shell 3D, on my Desire HD,  which I can find in applications but the only option I get is to uninstall it, all the other options are greyed out. I paid for it but can’t run it. I would roll it back if I could but Google has us by the wrinklies.

  • Ben

    Same probs as Fizzlememe – New update is slow and has ruined my phone. Thanks HTC…

  • Ben

    Same probs as Fizzlememe – New update is slow and has ruined my phone. Thanks HTC…

  • Afriyay

    I seem to be one of few who absolutely LOVES the new update …. no problems whatsoever …. and I just read about the screen capture!!!!! AHHHHHHH …. I’m in heaven 🙂

  • tomrom76

    Please HELP!!
    After new update my sd card is not recognised, any one have same issue?
    is not the card fault – it works fine in another phone, any ideas how to fix it???

  • PeteV

    My Orange contract HTC Desire HD keeps pestering me to download this latest update, but based on what I’ve read, here and elsewhere, I DON’T want it. 
    I managed to get rid of the little notification about a month ago, but now it has reappeared and won’t go away.
    It feels like either HTC or Orange are trying to force me to install these updates. 
    It’s MY phone, not theirs! 
    I think it is bad that Orange force their customers to have loads of useless bloatware on the phone that cannot be uninstalled, or even moved to the SD card, but now they want to change the user interface (which I LIKE) with one that nobody seems to like.
    I contacted HTC who were helpful (as usual) but they had to agree once installed this latest update cannot be uninstalled.
    What right have these companies got to force customers to install software that can render their phones useless or full of so many bugs it is virtually unusable?


    i cant get any updates on my phone 

  • Cole Inglis

    I got an error image ( blue android robot with an exlimation mark in the background ) anyone know how to fix the problem? PLEASE!!!!

  • melange

    Th new update has some pretty cool features, but some seriously irritating bugs, one for example is that my phone will often crash when I try to pick up a call, i then have to force close the application and wait around a minute to regain reception before i can try to call the person back…. That is quite an inconvenient bug for a phone…

  • Cherylturner3

     Having trouble with the ring thing to unlock phone it really stupid when the alarm goes off and u have to pull the ring on the right on snooze or off the only thing is i hit the wrong button and was late for work instead of snooze it turned off.

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