Motorola Milestone 4 launching at MWC?

Motorola Milestone 4 launching at MWC?

Before you go – “seriously?”, please note that we DON’T have any inside information – it’s just me speculating.

Second, now that the DROID 4 is almost officially announced, it’s only natural Motorola will be looking for the rest of the world (outside of the U.S.) to get even more sales. And since “DROID” phones are Verizon’s thing, they’ll use some other name (Milestone) for the international version of the device.

That said, we expect to see the Motorola Milestone 4 announced from the floor of the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

CES is international show but it’s still mostly U.S.-centric. In that sense, leaving the announcement for Barcelona makes much more sense.

Of course I could be wrong and the American handset maker may easily unveil the Milestone 4 even before the big show, but what will they announce if not Milestone 4? As far as we know, there’s an Android phone with 720p screen in the pipeline and perhaps some device (phone and/or tablet) with quad-core processor, but those are on a long tail. The Milestone 4 with HSPA+ connectivity sounds like something Motorola could start shipping within weeks if not days after the show, presuming they find carrier partners.

Finally to further “prove” this speculation, I’ll remind you on the last year’s MWC when Motorola announced Motorola Pro, which is the international version of the DROID Pro. I believe they’ll follow this pattern this time round as well. We’ll see…

  • Spike

    I really hope the Milestone 4 makes it to the UK, my Milestone 2 is so old and slow these days I’m using a £100 pay as you go phone because it’s faster and I need my QWERTY back!

  • i was planning to buy the milestone 3 but they never released it, i hope the same dose not happen to the milestone 4

    • Frustrated

      Indeed. The only bad thing about devices with hardware keyboards is that you can’t get the keyboard layout in your own language if you buy it abroad. Of course if you can root the device you can map the keys to match your language more closely, but some languages have more letters than your average US keyboard has.

  • Sam

    Still no sign of the Milestone 4 in the UK or anywhere in Europe. ITs not looking good.


  • Spotfist

    Yip, no QWERTY HTC either, seems the QWERTY slide is officially dead here in the UK. It is a very, very sad day indeed.

    I skipped on the desire z as my current phone was still holding up but now what is a person to do? Where has the innovation gone in the mobile industry, seems every phone is a copy of the other. Everyone copies iphone and then report huge losses, companies need to do there own thing it’s getting to a point where there is no difference from one manufacturer to the next so I might as well go for a super brand i.e the iphone?

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