Leak: Nokia 803, the Symbian Belle running successor to the Nokia N8?

The Nokia N8, released back in October 2010, hasn’t had much competition in the imagining department during the past 14 months. Not even from the wildly popular iPhone 4S. It’s a testament to Nokia’s serious commitment to producing some of the best camera phones to ever hit the market. Now several weeks ago we reported on a rumor that said Nokia was going to release a successor to the N8 sometime during the second quarter of 2012. This as yet to be identified device is allegedly going to run Symbian, have a 3.5 inch screen that pushes 800 x 480 pixels (something Symbian hasn’t ever done), 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a “huge camera sensor” with an unknown megapixel count. Today the folks at PocketNow got a sneak peak at the product manual for a Nokia smartphone called the Nokia 803 that we think may very well be the next camera focused device to come out of Finland.

Looking at the image above, what stands out is the ridiculous hump on the back. It makes the hump on the back of the Nokia N8 look minuscule in comparison, which suggests that there’s a strong possibility that the Nokia 803 packs a Xenon flash, just like a dedicated point and shoot camera. The manual also reveals that the 803 has NFC support, HDMI video out, and DLNA. Other than that, there’s not much else to cover. If we had to take a guess as to when we’ll see this thing being unveiled, we’d say either Mobile World Congress in February or at a dedicated launch event in March, the latter being preferable since Nokia is likely going to want to focus all their attention on Windows Phone during the world’s largest wireless exhibition.

What do you guys think: Does the fact that this thing runs Symbian prevent your from ever liking the 803 or could you care less since you want a no compromise camera in your pocket that can also do the occasional phone call and text message?

  • Observer11

    Symbian works just fine nowadays! Even belle is really fluent and good looking, so why would this prevent me from buying the next best cameraphone? Supposedly this might even run Symbian Carla! In my opinion, Belle outruns current Android software even now. 

    • Mauro

      i agree, Belle is better performance than android. Hope nokia release similar design as N9 or lumia900 but with SYMBIAN belle inside.

  • Sol De Jesus

    Looks really ugly. A hunchback nokia

    • Anonymous

      although it look less nice but comfortable grip does not matter right?

  • symbian is designed with  low power usage and security in mind .Performance comes second. The  latest belle builds are par in terms of performance with android platforms but symbian is more efficient. Most bad press comes from people that never used a >Symbian 3 platform. To me , it doesn’t matter. I like Symbian for what it offers. I don’t want 2 days max standby androids , thank you very much.

  • H.Salam

    If nokia could draw more software developer to create usefull aps and tools for the Belle i thinbgk this 803 will be hugh succes. Symbian is ok bcus i dont really need all stupid kiddo games on ios and android but belle need to fcus more on functioning utilities and office apps. Nokia has the best battery life compared to others n i hope the legacy contnues for this 803.I love my N8 for being the best camera in my pocket wherever i need it.

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