Apple iOS 3.1.3 users can’t download new apps

Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners running the now antiquated iOS 3.1.3 are having trouble browsing through the App Store and worse, downloading any new apps. A thread on Apple Support Communities was started four days ago bringing the complaint to public attention and it still has not received an official confirmation from Apple.

The problem generally started around December 15th and it began for most immediately after they downloaded or updated apps from the App Store. The person who posted the thread says tapping the price will not initiate a download, screenshots don’t show up, and certain buttons just show up as text.

Luckily, since iOS 3.1.3 is an approximately two-year old operating system, the App Store bug only affects a small amount of iOS users. However, a few iPhone 4S owners have reported that they are experiencing the same App Store errors.

I understand that there are a few reasons why people are still stuck on iOS 3.1.3 — from hardware compatibility to limited download privileges on their computer to plain laziness, but do try to upgrade to a newer version of iOS if you can. Not only will it fix the problem, but it brings hundreds of new features to your device.

As for those of you who can’t move forward for whatever reason, Apple is said to be investigating users’ concerns and will take appropriate action once it receives more information.

[via Engadget, Photo via Shutterfly, Photosani]

  • No everyone around the world can afford upgrading to the latest iPhone every couple of years… Why should folks be forced to upgrade ?

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