NBC to stream the Super Bowl to Verizon mobile phones

NBC confirmed that it will, for the first time ever, stream the Super Bowl online. Online viewers can watch the game from either NBC’s or the NFL’s website. NBC will also stream the game to Verizon mobile devices using the carrier’s NFL Mobile app for iOS or Android. Besides the Super Bowl, NBC will stream the Pro Bowl and wild card Saturday.

Live footage of the game will appeal primarily to cord cutters who wouldn’t be able to watch the game in the comfort of their home. With an HDMI-capable laptop or smartphone, cord cutters (and other online watchers) can easily send that stream to their HDTV. They will also have access to additional camera angles, in-game highlights and live stats. In all the hoopla about the Superbowl stream, nobody has mentioned whether the popular Super Bowl ads are part of the stream. Let’s hope they’re included as it would be a shame to get all the action, but none of the fun.



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