LG Prada 3.0 launching in February 2012

LG Prada 3.0 launching in February 2012

Ok we get it – there’s no time to launch the brand-new LG Prada 3.0 phone in time for the Christmas shopping season, but I expected it to hit the fancy store shelves in January 2012. I was so wrong with LG saying it will be released in February.

About at the same time we expect to see something even better launched by all leading handset makers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If you recall, the Prada 3.0 doesn’t rock an HD (720p) screen and by the time it launches, there will be many other options to choose from. Is LG betting tech-savvy fashionistas don’t care that much about the phone’s specs sheet? Maybe they’re right and maybe not. It’s hard to tell considering the most expensive phones we’ve seen were simple feature phone encrusted with diamonds and precious metals. Still if I had to pay a small fortune, I would want the best smartphone there is. But then again – I’m a geek with different priorities than the rich folks of the world…

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • quintus murray

    once again these fools can’t stop sniffing the good stuff LG just doesn’t get it damn FOOLS at least nokia is starting to learn

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