Hasbro suing Asus over the Transformer Prime tablet

Hasbro suing Asus over the Transformer Prime tablet

Hasbro doesn’t like how Asus is calling its brand-new Transformer Prime tablet. The toy maker has a trademark for the “Transformers Prime” brand and think what the Taiwanese company is doing is illegal. Hence they’re suing them in a federal district court.

From what we’ve heard, Hasbro holds the mentioned trademark for toys, board games, and animated shows, and is set to “aggressively protect its brands.” The problem is not that Hasbro would make such a tablet (though you never know) — but that the Transformer Prime name could confuse tablet buyers in thinking it’s a licensed product. Personally I never thought something like that, but hey – Hasbro thinks differently and has all the right to use legal channels.

The court has given Asus 21 days to respond to the complaint. If things go in the Hasbro way, Asus will be forced to change the name of its product, or pay royalties to the toy maker. The way I see it, calling the tablet Transformer 2 would be an easy way out for the Taiwanese company. Any other ideas?

[Via: theverge]

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