The iShower brings music to your shower, joy to your life

Gather around friends and I’ll let you in on a secret which could enrich your lives: have some sort of music-playing device in or near your shower. Having music or podcasts while you bathe is one of life’s little pleasures and the makers of the iGrill are trying capitalize on this with a water-proof, Bluetooth speaker called the iShower.

I’ve been using cheap iPod docks for my shower tunes needs but the moisture will eventually kill those – which is why I wouldn’t dare to put a Sonos in there. The iShower will be unveiled at CES next week and its designed to be water proof and mount against your shower wall. They say it will be able to remember up to five Bluetooth devices (Android or iPhone) from up to 200 feet away and it will take three batteries for 15 hours of streaming.

At $99.99, the iShower is a bit steep but it also comes with a small display to show you what time it is and to allow you to switch through your songs. I won’t be able to see how well it sounds or if it really is as easy to set up and use as they’re promising but this could be the next you-didn’t-know-you-needed-it-until-now purchases. The iShower link below isn’t live yet but expect it to roll out early next week during CES.

[Via iShower]

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