Sprint announces first 4G LTE cities for mid-2012

Get ready, Texas, as you’ve got some good news coming your way. Dan Hesse has just announced the rollout of LTE and 3G upgrades by mid-2012 in Atlanta, GA, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Little else is known, as news was announced through Twitter.

This is just the first few markets of Sprint’s rollout, of course, and hopefully we’ll see more LTE-worthy cities by year’s end. No official details concerning the rollout have become available and we’ll just have to wait and see for an official statement longer than 140 characters.

We’ve been hearing different things from Sprint when it comes to a LTE rollout, ranging from early 2012 to sometime in 2013. While the mid-2012 date is subject to change, this is the most solid information we’ve gotten to date. We know that Sprint and Clearwire struck a deal back in early December of 2011 but those rocking a WiMax handset right now don’t need to worry:

Marin lays it out right here about the deal:

What does this mean for you? Well, this means if you buy a 4G smartphone on Sprint anytime soon, you can be sure that the WiMax will be supported for the life of the device, even as Sprint moves toward LTE. It also means that Sprint will have more 4G LTE options down the road, although you have to wonder how it would be positioned at this point if it had just waited for 4G LTE to begin with instead of monkeying around with WiMax, full stop.

So if you’re craving some LTE-flavored Sprint phones sometime this year and happen to be in the few lucky cities, sit tight! They’re on their way.

[Via: Twitter]

  • I love that 4G wallpaper, too bad Android sucks and makes me crop it so it doesnt fit nicely in my phone as a wallpaper… 

    It sucks also that Sprint didnt select SF as an LTE launch point, considering the terrain of SF, from the water, tunnels, hills, valleys, and buildings, as well as the trees and parks, if you can launch here and figure out the problems, you can launch in any city in the USA without issues.

    • Ed

      The Wallpaper Wizardrii app will help you with your Android wallpaper cropping issues.

    • Maybeswitchingfromspringt

       Do you know how many other cities have the same physical features?

  • Luis M. Serrano Davila

    What’s the official word on Puerto Rico? Other carries have launched LTE already in the San Juan market.

  • Sprintsucks

    Just tell LYING DAN HESSE TO GO TO HELL! Will we be charged an additional $10 with the promise of “coming soon” to your city? Also consider with all the new phones that will be rolling out in  the next 5 months which way should a Sprint customer go? 4G speed apparently means nothing unless you happen to be “driving through” a 4G city. Should we all pay premium prices for 4G LTE phones knowing we will never see the speed? How about just give us a signal that will allow us to operate our smart-phones Danny? Is that too much to ask? Or could it be your infrastructure sucks and after you and team Sprint sold your soul to Apple Siri is eating up what little bandwidth you have? The only thing I can think of to say positive about Sprint is they did rid us of Carrier IQ. 

  • Anonymous

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