Apple iPad 3 in February? Signs point to yes

Apple iPad 3 not landing in 2011

Back in February, rumors circulated that Apple would unveil the iPad 3 in February and recently, we heard the more specific date of February 24th, right on Steve Jobs’ birthday. Now, yet another report is in stating February is the target month for the tablet’s debut.

What is it going to feature? Well, just about every rumor says a retina display with a 2048×1536 resolution. It’s pretty much a given at this point. At the beginning of January, we also reported an 8MP camera could be on the way, although that might be a stretch given the iPad 2’s little regard for camera quality. Aside from pixel increases, an Apple A6 quad-core processor is likely and 4G LTE connectivity is plausible as well.

I have my own theory that Siri will come to the iPad 3, too. There’s always one major headline feature in each iPhone that tops the rest, and that was Siri in 2011. I’d be surprised if Apple doesn’t bring Siri to the iPad in the same way it brought FaceTime over.

One last observation is that Apple is currently on its third beta of iOS 5.1, the version of iOS the iPad 3 could ship with. The final release of iOS 5.1 and the iPad 3 are on track to align soon.

iPad 3 rumors are about to reach a fever pitch as we approach Apple’s imminent launch.

[via PCMag]

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