Sprint to remove Carrier IQ software from its phones

Sprint is no longer using the Carrier IQ software and has decided to remove it from its handsets. Earlier this month, Sprint released an update that removed Carrier IQ from its EVO 3D handset and will eventually roll out a similar update to its other Android phones.

According to Spokeswoman Stephanie Vinage, Sprint has “decided to remove Carrier IQ from all devices through a maintenance release process.” Vinage adds,

“The tool will be removed through an over-the-air software update process. This means that,— as we do for other device updates and maintenance releases,— you will receive notice on your device of a maintenance update and upon initiating the update, the software will be removed. We are carefully testing this process first on each device to limit any potential inconvenience for customers as much as possible.”

Carrier IQ caused a stir late last year when it was detected on a variety of Android handsets. Further analysis showed the software was also sending out information about the phone’s activities. Eventually, Carrier IQ, the company behind the software, confirmed it was a network analysis tool used by Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile to improve the performance of their network. Verizon Wireless does not use the software.

Sprint is the first wireless carrier to purge the controversial software from its phones. T-Mobile and AT&T, which also use the software, have not detailed any plans for removal.


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