Rumor: Instagram will land on Windows Phone before Android

Fast Company has a tantalizing rumor for Windows Phone owners. The blog believes the Instagram team may bring its popular photo-manipulating app to Windows Phone before Android. This would be a big coup for Windows Phone as Instagram is a huge hit on iOS and the Android version, even though it’s not available, has received a lot of attention.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon as this rumor is as dubious as they come. It originates from a Fast Company source who “left the impression” that the Windows Phone team is collaborating with the Instagram team to work on app. Normally, I would dismiss such a rumor as nonsense, but, in this case, it’s actually plausible.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has a lot of cash and is willing to throw it around to help boost Windows Phone. When the platform launched in 2010, Microsoft paid high-profile developers to port their apps to Windows Phone. It would make sense the company would do the same thing for an app like Instagram. You have to admit that a high-profile launch would grab the attention of the media and consumers alike, , especially if it came before it’s Android counterpart. And eyeballs are what Microsoft is all about this year. The Redmond company has to work with hardware and software partners to get people to take notice of the platform and turn Windows Phone into a household word.

[Via Fast Company]


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