Vevo app update makes it easy to find music videos for your tunes

While you’re more likely to see Snooki than a music video on MTV, that doesn’t mean music videos are dead, as the Vevo service and app get tens of millions of hits for various music videos. We’ve looked at the Vevo iPhone app before but a just-released update brings a few new features to help you rock out with your phone.

The biggest new feature of the updated Vevo iPhone app is called Vevo Match and it will scan the existing music on your device and match it up with Vevo’s music video library. It’s a pretty convenient way to check out some music videos without having to manually type in the names of artists and it may even serve as a nice discovery option for videos you didn’t even know you wanted to watch.

As you would expect, you can still use the Vevo app to find and watch new and old music videos and there’s even a neat “fun fact” screen while the video is loading. I haven’t really been in the know with the latest music videos but I may try to get hip with this app.

You can download the updated Vevo iOS app here (iTunes link)]

[Via Vevo]

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