Apple becomes most valuable U.S. company again

Apple becomes most valuable company

After an incredible earnings report, Apple’s stock has risen and the company has surpassed Exxon once again to become the most valuable U.S. company in the world.

Apple’s stock hit $445.29 today and that brought its market capitalization to about $415 billion while the oil giant Exxon had a market cap of $414 billion. The stock number will fluctuate during the next few days, so it’s unclear if Apple will retain that title but it’s still pretty darn impressive.

What’s crazy is that Apple still has a lot of room for growth in its highly-popular iPhone, iPad and Mac categories. It sold a whopping 37 million iPhone last quarter but those numbers didn’t even include the potentially-huge market of China.

The company shipped more iPads last quarter than HP shipped PCs, which shows that we could be in a transition period of computing where Apple is the clear leader. The company’s MacBook Air lineup was once an overpriced joke but now that design is what every ultrabook maker is trying to copy. There’s also the mythical Apple television which could land this year or next and that could also be a brand new growth market for Apple.

[Via Washington Post]

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