Rumor: Nokia Lumia 900 to land March 18th with $99 price tag

leak from BGR suggests the Nokia Lumia 900 will land at AT&T on March 18th. This date isn’t surprising as earlier information pointed to a March release. What is surprising about this leak is the price point for the handset which could be as low as $99. This is much less expensive than most smartphones which usually command a $199 price tag at launch.

This report isn’t as rumorish as it appears. Though Nokia has not commented on the BGR report, both Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite and Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet claim to have seen Microsoft documents that confirm this launch date and price point. With its 4.3-inch AMOLEd display, 1.4 GHz processor and 8MP camera, the Lumia 900 is a solid handset. If it comes out with a sub-$100 price tag, it could woo customers who normally wouldn’t grab a Windows Phone.

[Via BGR]

  • Iphone has Dual Core, Android has Dual Core, Wp7 Not!
    Singel Core this is not an High-end phone
    Wp7 does not support multiple cores yet .
    No 1080P No NFC No Tethering and so on and so on.very
    Few apps and games.
    1/2 inch thick 1/6 kilo heavy

    This Phone is not high-tech.

    • You are wrong. Tethering came to most phones with the Mango update or very shortly thereafter.
      Dual core: Is a pointless discussion. Are you after big CPU numbers or performance? In many instances the early editions of dual core cpu’s in many devices actually slowed performance due to the inability of the software to switch/balance between the cores.
      1080P: Tell me any significant number of people (apart from techies) who care or can tell the difference
      NFC: Yeah lots of people using that !
      60,000 apps with 12,000 being added per month. How many do you need!?
      Size and weight: Really ? You are going to go down that route!? Pleeeaaase! Tell me you can be bothered to even see the difference esepcially after you have added a case to protect your device. Plus which phone are you talking about as they are all different sizes.

      This phone is very high tech where it matters i.e. the user experience. It delivers services the way you want to use them (combined and integrated) rather than having to run a gazillion apps just to connect on a social network.

      We make calls, take photos, post to twitter, facebook etc, read email, play games, schedule meetings, look for things (search) etc.

      All of these things are simply and beautifully delivered as as activities rather than a application finding, entering and exiting excercise. They are much faster to achieve – see “smoked by windows phone” adverts on youtube

      Is it perfect, not but then no mobile O/S is today even though they have been out for many more years.

      Am I a windows phone user? No
      Will I be ? Certainly willing to try it for a while. I have tried Android and iOS and liked them both. Once I have tested windows phone then I can make an informed decision.

    • Wayne

      U are absolutely right that this is not high tech phone. no microSD slot, battery not changeable, no hdmi, possible no usb-otg. It is a so 2010-phone!

    • YouAreDumb

      Wrong! don’t post if you don’t know.  Tethering and wifi hotspot will be supported on this device per specs

  • Gregory C Newman

    boy why can’t People understand the Windows 7.5 OS can run very well on a single core Processors which means Microsoft has some really great computer programmers to make this happen. NFC and Hy def screens are  nice but not   needed in a smart phone and will increase the cost of the phone . Microsoft and Nokia are right on to make smart phones more affordable so more people can buy them. The Apollo class windows smart phones will have battery draining  dual cores, NFC, Hy def screens and all that. but smart people can get by with a Nokia 900 and will be glad they own one enough said.

    • Metro UI is so boring.

      • Bubba

        You are boring, try using the phone, then go back to an iOS like I am doing right now…iOS is BORING!

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