AT&T had record-breaking quarter for iPhones, Android handsets

AT&T announced its quarterly earnings on Thursday and reported a banner quarter that was driven by strong iPhone sales. The carrier had its best-ever quarter for smartphones, selling a record-breaking number of iPhones and Android handsets.

Overall, the carrier sold 9.4 million smartphones which almost doubles it Q3 2011 sales. Smartphones are the dominant handset on AT&T- 82 percent of postpaid sales in the quarter were smartphones and almost 58.6 percent of its customers carry a smartphone. The carrier sold a whopping 7.6 million iPhones which accounts for 80 percent of its smartphone sales and 20 percent of Apple’s total iPhone sales. Android sales in the quarter also doubled year over year. The carrier didn’t release the exact figure for its non-iPhone devices, but it has to be less than 1.8 million (9.4 million smartphones minus 7.6 million iPhones).

The carrier added 2.5 million new subscribers (717,000 wireless postpaid net adds), bringing its final tally to 103.2 million. Revenue grew to $16.7 billion, up 10 percent year over year. Data revenues also skyrocketed 19.4 percent year over year to $5.9 billion. Churn rate went up slightly from 1.15 percent to 1.21 percent. AT&T also reported a loss of $6.7 billion, primarily the result of its failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile.

[Via AT&T]

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