Rumor: Samsung will not announce the Galaxy S III next month, will wait until the summer instead

Last February, at Mobile World Congress 2011, Samsung announced the much loved and highly successful Galaxy S II. It landed on store shelves in Europe several months later in May, hit Asia in June and July, and America got the short end of the stick with a release in September by Sprint, in October by T-Mobile, and finally in November by AT&T. Looking to reduce that gap between announcement and availability, sources who have spoken to The Verge say that the successor to the Galaxy S II, aptly called the Galaxy S III, will not be shown off at Mobile World Congress next month. Instead, it’ll land at some point “before summer”, which we’ll assume to mean either May or June. Both of those months are important, with May being when CTIA takes place in New Orleans, and June being when Google I/O takes place in San Francisco.

This report contradicts a rumor we heard earlier this week, but to be fair it doesn’t doesn’t matter if the Galaxy S III is announced at the beginning of the year or towards the middle of the year, what matters is when the damn thing actually hits the market. Our sources say the Galaxy S III has a quad core processor, 12 megapixel camera, and that it runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s little chance of that being considered “out dated” technology in six months time, so it’s safe to say that Samsung is making sure they get the next Galaxy right and prepping their factories so they can ride the inevitable wave of hype that we the media will create as we compare the best Samsung has to offer with the best Apple has to offer, assuming the next iPhone also launches during the summer.

Are you upset that you’re not going to get any updates about the Galaxy this time next month or could you not care less since reading a press release doesn’t really get your panties wet anyway?

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