Create.Work.Inspire – Technology broadens our vision of art

We’re live from the Create.Work.Inspire event to launch the new Dell XPS 13 ultrabook and the owner of the hosting photo gallery, Carte Blanche, spoke to IntoMobile about how important computers like this Dell ultrabook have become to the photography world.

“Technology helps to broaden our vision of what art is and how we can share it,” Gwen Lafage, Carte Blanche founder, said.

The vision of Carte Blanche is to find high-quality photographers from around the world and offer this art to the public in an accessible way. The gallery itself seems very inviting when you walk in and the prices for these world-class photos are very affordable, which may make it seem a little less intimidating for those who haven’t really been a part of the art world.

Just because the price point isn’t as high as other galleries doesn’t mean that the quality of work subpar, Lafage said. Using technology was a key part of how she found the artists who are on display. Some of the artists live in China and Japan, so this connection with Carte Blanche would have been much more difficult without the help of devices like the XPS 13.

It’s not just the robust online photography community, as Lafage said that nearly every single modern photographer has to use computers and the Internet if they really want their art to be seen. There may still be a few die-hard photographers who only shoot on film and exclusively use the dark room to develop but the vast majority will use computers for retouching, editing and distribution. Lafage said all the photos in her gallery were sent as files and then printed locally.

Ultimately, technology and devices like the Dell XPS 13 are just modern tools for artists. Think of these like super powerful brushes – the great art is still going to come from the artist using it.

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  • Technology has given us wings and let us be more creative.

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