Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets EL29 update

Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets EL29 update

Sprint has started rolling out a small update for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch to fix one of the most annoying issues folks had with phones on the Now Network – Carrier IQ integration. That “minor detail,” described as “security update,” isn’t the whole story — aside from that, the new software also updates the calendar app, allowing users to dismiss multiple calendar alerts at once. In addition, there’s the Commercial Alert System (CMAS) activation… and that’s about it.

So it’s nothing major but still we advise you to keep your phone’s software up to date. Moreover, you do want to delete any reference to Carrier IQ and let Sprint wonder what you’re doing online… actually they have other ways to follow your whereabouts but that’s another story.

Make sure you phone is fully charged and that you’re connected to a fast Wi-Fi hotspot. Once that is on place, check for the new software and “push the button.” Voila – within about 10 minutes you’ll be running the latest firmware. 😉

[Via: SprintFeed]

  • Mattymatt

    The update takes away the moveable background. 🙁

  • Anonymous

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  • Guest

    Random: Changes the Phone Icon ever so slightly

  • Whitehawk82

    As usual, this update didn’t help, it hurt. I should know better than to let my perfectly running phone apply an update. I was getting almost 2 days of battery, after the update my FULLY CHARGED batter dropped to 10% and warned me to plug it in just 2 hours after the update. This is the same thing that happened to my Epic 4G with the keyboard after one of their “updates”. I guess I keep applying updates in the hope that improvements would be made although the only real improvement I am waiting for is the ability to delete IMAP email again in the stock client. This phone has always had this problem and my original EPIC got the problem after updating to Gingerbread. So it must be a Gingerbread issue. Maybe ICS will fix the email and the battery problems? (Wishful thinking). Get with it and fix things samsung instead of breaking working phones.

    Oh and as far as Carrier IQ, my money’s on the fact they just burried it further in and made it harder to detect -OR- replaced it with another software.

    • Here

      Quit complaining – my phone works great and I like a few of the new icons. Updates are hit or miss, but almost always necessary and I like this one. It’s the way technology goes – like it or leave it!

    • Bill

      I have the same problem here. I used to get 2 days on a charge and now I’m down to 20% after about 10 hours even though I didn’t use my phone. Android System, Dialer, and Cell standby are taking up 75% of the battery between the three of them. My display used to be the highest consumer of power before the update.
      This is unacceptable.

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