T-Mobile UK launches “The Full Monty” unlimited everything plans, prices start at £36 per month

T-Mobile UK has done the unthinkable. In today’s world of constrained networks and operators looking to buy up as much spectrum as they can, these nutters just announced the return of unlimited everything plans. They’re called “The Full Monty,” which conjures up some disturbing flashback from the film of the same title, but they really do give you everything you could possibly want … at least sometimes. Let’s start with the basic plan, which goes for just £36 per month. That gives you unlimited talking, texting, and data, but “only” 2,000 minutes of talk time to people not using T-Mobile’s network. The next tier is £41 per month, and that really gives you unlimited everything. There are two more plans that do the same thing, one is £46, the other is £61. What’s the difference between the last three? The subsidy you get on your device changes, so the more you pay for month, the less you have to pay for your phone up front.

As much as we want to applaud T-Mobile for trying something daring, we really have to give credit to Three. Back in March of last year they launched the “One Plan,” which gives you unlimited data, 300 minutes of talk time, and 3,000 text messages, all for just £15 per month. Better yet, unlike T-Mobile’s “Full Monty,” which requires you sign a two year agreement, the “One Plan” from Three is pay as you go. Now yes, you’ll have to bring your own phone to the network, but in the long run you’ll save money.

Of course it’s difficult to recommend one operator over the other since it hugely depends on how good coverage is in your neck of the woods. It’s best to ask friends and family about their experiences, that or just run some speed test in all the shops in your town.

[Via: Mobile Industry Review, The Verge]

  • I have read that this Full Monty plan is NOT available SIM-ONLY. So it does require a phone purchase as well with that contract, which makes sense.

    T-Mobile USA finally threw in FREE Mobile HotSpot  on their 5GB and 10GB plans, but Id like to see T-Mobile release an all inclusive plan.
    With so much competition in the USA like UK, there is no reason that a company as small as T-Mobile or Sprint (in terms of customer size – both are slightly bigger than the largest UK subscriber base) CANT have these types of unlimited plans with tethering, minutes, data, messages. Their spectrum isnt crunched THAT much nationwide or in any one area – especially with new network upgrades that T-Mobile and Sprint keep touting, that only makes capacity quadruple multiple times.

  • guest

    Please note T mobile’s full monty plan has capped speed limits. never went above 3.8 mbps for downloading even at H+ and 3G networks plus. They say it is unlimited for browsing and not for downloading. For downloading it is 500 mb per month.

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